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Security News from 'FireEye Research'
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FLARE VM: The Windows Malware Analysis Distribution You’ve Always Needed!
26th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
UPDATE (April 26, 2018): The web installer method to deploy FLAREVM is now deprecated. Please refer to the READMEon the FLARE VM GitHub for the most up-to-date installation instructions.As a reverse engineer on the FLARE Team I rely on...
Analyzing The Malware Analysts – Inside FireEye’s FLARE Team
26th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
At the Black Hat USA 2016 conference in Las Vegaslast week, I was fortunate to sit down with Michael Sikorski,Director, FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) Team.During our conversation we discussed the origin of the FLARE...
Establishing A Baseline For Remote Desktop Protocol
26th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
For IT staff and Windows power users, Microsoft Terminal ServicesRemote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a beneficial tool that allows for theinteractive use or administration of a remote Windows system.However, Mandiant consultants have also...
Metamorfo Campaigns Targeting Brazilian Users
24th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
FireEye Labs recently identified several widespread malspam (malwarespam) campaigns targeting Brazilian companies with the goal ofdelivering variants of a banking Trojan that we identify as Metamorfo.Across the stages of these campaigns,...
Loading Kernel Shellcode
23rd Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
In the wake of recent hacking tool dumps, the FLARE team saw a spikein malware samples detonating kernel shellcode. Although most samplescan be analyzed statically, the FLARE team sometimes debugs thesesamples to confirm specific functionality....
M-Trends Asia Pacific: Organizations Must Improve At Detecting And Responding To Breaches
19th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
Since 2010, Mandiant, a FireEye company, has presented trends,statistics and case studies of some of the largest and mostsophisticated cyber attacks. In February 2016, we released our annualglobal M-Trends®report based on data from the...
FIN7 Evolution And The Phishing LNK
19th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
FIN7 is a financially-motivated threat group that has been associatedwith malicious operations dating back to late 2015. FIN7 is referredto by many vendors as “Carbanak Group”, although we do not equate allusage of the CARBANAK backdoor...
M-Trends 2017: A View From The Front Lines
19th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
Every year Mandiant responds to a large number ofcyber attacks, and 2016 was no exception. For our M-Trends 2017 report, we took a look atthe incidents we investigated last year and provided a global andregional (the Americas, APAC and...
How The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies Is Shaping The Cyber Crime Landscape: Blockchain Infrastructure Use
17th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
IntroductionCyber criminals have always been attracted to cryptocurrenciesbecause it provides a certain level of anonymity and can be easilymonetized. This interest has increased in recent years, stemming farbeyond the desire to simply...
Solving Ad-hoc Problems With Hex-Rays API
10th Apr 2018 [7 months ago] from FireEye Research
IntroductionIDA Pro is the defacto standard when it comes to binary reverse engineering. Besidesbeing a great disassembler and debugger, it is possible to extend itand include a powerful decompiler by purchasing an additional licensefrom...
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