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Security News from 'ZDNet'
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Singapore Proposes New Security Guidelines To Beef Up Financial Resilience
7th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from ZDNet
Monetary Authority of Singapore is looking to introduce changes to existing technology risk and business continuity management guidelines that will require financial organisations to implement more measures, including cyber surveillance,...
Cisco Tells Nexus Switch Owners To Disable POAP Feature For Security Reasons
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Cisco releases new Nexus firmware that includes a new command to turn off POAP.
Facebooks Privacy Pivot Vs. Microsofts 2002 Security Pivot: Facebook Has More To Prove
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined a privacy first vision for the social network, but its a hard sell. Facebook has to prove over time that it is serious about privacy. It can be done. Microsoft took security seriously in 2002, but had...
Facebook To Refocus Messaging Around Encryption And Privacy
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will retool its messaging services to be more interoperable, ephemeral, and with end-to-end encryption.
Google Rolls Out Web Risk API In Beta To Help Businesses Protect Their Users
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Additionally, Google announced the general availability of Cloud Armor, a DDoS defense and WAF service, and Cloud HSM, a managed hardware security module service.
Firefox To Add Tor Browser Anti-fingerprinting Technique Called Letterboxing
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Firefox gets another new feature from the Tor Uplift project started in 2016.
18 Percent Of Americans Admit To Having Their Identity Stolen
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
A new survey offers a chilling, if unsurprising, view of cybersecurity. Many people believe CTOs and CIOs of breached companies should be fired. Many people even have no idea if their Identity has been stolen.
Hacker Group Behind SingHealth Data Breach Identified, Targeted Mainly Singapore Firms
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Hackers that compromised the data of 1.5 million healthcare patients has been identified as a group that launched attacks against several organisations based in Singapore, including multinational firms with operations in the country, and...
WDS Bug Lets Hackers Hijack Windows Servers Via Malformed TFTP Packets
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Last warning to apply Microsofts November security updates for Windows Servers.
Chinese Hackers Strike US Universities In Bid For Military Technology
6th Mar 2019 [16 days ago] from ZDNet
Prominent names feature on the hacking list.
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