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Security News from 'McAfee Labs'
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What’s In The Box? Part II: Hacking The IParcelBox
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Package delivery is just one of those things we take for granted these days. This is especially true in the age of Coronavirus, where e-commerce and at-home deliveries make up a growing portion of consumer buying habits. In 2019, McAfee...
RagnarLocker Ransomware Threatens To Release Confidential Information
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The RagnarLocker ransomware first appeared in the wild at the end of December 2019 as part of a campaign against compromised networks targeted by its operators. The ransomware code is small (only 48kb after the protection...
OneDrive Phishing Awareness
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
There are number of ways scammers use to target personal information and, currently, one example is, they are taking advantage of the fear around the virus pandemic, sending phishing and scam emails to Microsoft OneDrive users, trying...
How To Use McAfee ATP To Protect Against Emotet, LemonDuck And PowerMiner
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Introduction This blog describes how McAfee ATP (Adaptive Threat Protection) rules are used within McAfee Endpoint Security products. It will help you understand how ATP Rules work and how you can utilize them to prevent infections from...
ENS 10.7 Rolls Back The Curtain On Ransomware
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Ransomware protection and incident response is a constant battle for IT, security engineers and analysts under normal circumstances, but with the number of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic that challenge reaches new...
Cybercriminals Actively Exploiting RDP To Target Remote Organizations
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many companies to enable their employees to work remotely and, in a large number of cases, on a global scale. A key component of enabling remote work and allowing employees to access internal corporate...
COVID-19 – Malware Makes Hay During A Pandemic
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Special thanks to Prajwala Rao, Oliver Devane, Shannon Cole, Ankit Goel and members of Malware Research for their contribution and monitoring of related threats As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, it is no surprise that malware...
Tales From The Trenches; A Lockbit Ransomware Story
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Co-authored by Marc RiveroLopez. In collaboration with Northwave As we highlighted previously across two blogs, targeted ransomware attacks have increased massively over the past months. In our first article, we discussed the growing...
MalBus Actor Changed Market From Google Play To ONE Store
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
McAfee Mobile Research team has found another variant of MalBus on an education application, developed by a South Korean developer. In the previous Malbus case, the author distributed the malware through Google Play, but new variants are...
Transitioning To A Mass Remote Workforce – We Must Verify Before Trusting
18th Feb 2021 [11 days ago] from McAfee Labs
While not a new practice, the sheer volume of people required to adhere to social distancing best practices means we now have a mass workforce working remotely. Most enterprises and SMBs can support working remotely today but many IT departments...
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