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Security News from 'The Register'
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DDoS And Dingoes: Australia To Bolster Cyber-defences With 500 Hackers Amid China Spat
30th Jun 2020 [9 days ago] from The Register
AU$1.35bn fund follows revelations that country was hit by state-run attack Australia will hire 500 hackers as part of a AU$1.35bn (£754m, $925m) boost to protect the nations networks from a wave of cyber attacks.…
Remember When We Warned In February Apple Will Crackdown On Long-life HTTPS Certs? Its Happening – Chrome, Firefox Ready To Join In, Too
29th Jun 2020 [10 days ago] from The Register
From Sept 1, new TLS certificates valid for more than 398 days will be snubbed From September 1, Apple software, from Safari to macOS to iOS, will reject new HTTPS and other SSL/TLS certificates that are valid for more than 398 days, plus...
University Of California San Francisco Pays Ransomware Gang $1.14m As BBC Publishes Dark Web Negotiations
29th Jun 2020 [10 days ago] from The Register
Publicity-hungry crims find new way of pressuring victims A California university which is dedicated solely to public health research has paid a $1.14m ransom to a criminal gang in the hopes of regaining access to its data.…
Yes, Prime Minister, Rewrite The Computer Misuse Act: Brit Infosec Outfits Urge Reform
29th Jun 2020 [10 days ago] from The Register
Out-of-date law prevents Britain from fully developing its cybersecurity industry, say campaigners British infosec businesses are celebrating the 30th birthday of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 by writing to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging...
CyberX, CyberX, Does Whatever A CyberX Does. Locks IoT, Machines Too, Microsoft Got It So You Will To
28th Jun 2020 [11 days ago] from The Register
Plus: DDoSer jailed, and more In Brief  Redmond is bulking up the security around its AzureStack hardware-to-cloud bundle by acquiring infosec firm CyberX.…
Macs, IPhones, IPads To Get Encrypted DNS – Howd You Like Them Apples?
26th Jun 2020 [13 days ago] from The Register
Cupertino idiot-tax corp is fashionably late to the party WWDC  Apple this year will boldly go where its peers have gone before by implementing support for encrypted DNS in iOS and macOS.…
Lets Roll The 3d6 Dice On Todays Security Drama: Ah, 15, Thats LG Allegedly Hacked, Source Code Stolen By Maze Ransomware Gang
26th Jun 2020 [13 days ago] from The Register
Stealing smart fridge blueprints? Not cool, yo Maze ransomware masterminds claim to have stolen source code and other materials from LG after hacking into the electronics giant and infecting its PCs.…
Tune In And Watch Live: Email Encryption Doesn’t Have To Be An All-or-nothing Deal
26th Jun 2020 [13 days ago] from The Register
Next week: Explore how keeping email safe can be part of a wider corporate strategy Webcast  Leaked emails are the IT security mishap that just keeps on giving. From salacious tabloid headlines to lost elections to international security...
UK Police Use Of Facial-recognition Tech Is Lawful, No Need To Question Us, Cops Lawyer Tells Court Of Appeal
26th Jun 2020 [13 days ago] from The Register
Plus: Home Office urges judges to leave lax legal framework as is South Wales Police and the UK Home Office "fundamentally disagree" that automated facial recognition (AFR) software is as intrusive as collecting fingerprints or DNA, a barrister...
When One Open-source Package Riddled With Vulns Pulls In Dozens Of Others, Whats A Dev To Do?
26th Jun 2020 [13 days ago] from The Register
Snyk survey puts cross-site scripting top of the list for security holes – but watch out for prototype pollution too Open-source security specialist Snyk has released a new survey combining data on vulnerabilities in available packages...
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