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Security News from 'ESET Research'
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Analysis Of The Latest Emotet Propagation Campaign
28th Dec 2018 [26 days ago] from ESET Research
An analysis of the workings of this new Emotet campaign, which has affected various countries in Latin America by taking advantage of Microsoft Office files to hide its malicious activity The post Analysis of the latest Emotet propagation...
What Should You Do With Your Old Devices
27th Dec 2018 [27 days ago] from ESET Research
Disposal of old tech requires thought and effort and the need to cleanse the device of any personal data is just one of the concerns The post What should you do with your old devices appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
SPARE: Five Tips For A Safer Online Shopping Experience
21st Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
There is still some time left to pick up some last-minute shopping before it’s too late but in the rush to do so don’t forget to do it safely The post SPARE: Five tips for a safer online shopping experience appeared first on...
Google’s Policy Change Reduces Security, Privacy And Safety For 75% Of Users Of ESET’s Android Anti-theft Service
21st Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
The unfortunate implications of a well-intentioned change to Google Play Developer policies – and the negative impact it has on ESET’s Android app customers The post Google’s policy change reduces security, privacy and safety for...
Microsoft Issues Emergency Fix For Internet Explorer Zero-day
20th Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Details are sparse about a security hole that Microsoft said is being exploited in targeted attacks The post Microsoft issues emergency fix for Internet Explorer zero-day appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Holiday Online Shopping Special Tips
20th Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Some useful advice for staying safe while hunting for bargains in this holiday season The post Holiday online shopping special tips appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
NASA Fears Hackers May Have Stolen Employee Data
19th Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
A probe launched immediately after the discovery of the suspected incident has yet to establish the scale of the potential damage The post NASA fears hackers may have stolen employee data appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Target Targeted: Five Years On From A Breach That Shook The Cybersecurity Industry
18th Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
In December 2013 news broke that Target suffered a breach that forced consumers and the cybersecurity community to question the security practices of retailers The post Target targeted: Five years on from a breach that shook the cybersecurity...
Cybersecurity Trends 2019: Privacy And Intrusion In The Global Village
18th Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
With just days left in 2018, ESET experts offer their reflections in ‘Cybersecurity Trends 2019’ on themes that are set to figure prominently in the upcoming year The post Cybersecurity Trends 2019: Privacy and intrusion in the global...
The Most Popular Passwords Of 2018 Revealed: Are Yours On The List?
17th Dec 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Besides the usual suspects among the worst of passwords, a handful of notable – but similarly poor – choices make their debuts The post The most popular passwords of 2018 revealed: Are yours on the list? appeared first on...
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