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Security News from 'Yahoo News'
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Iran Loves This: The Royal Navy Doesn’t Have Enough Ships To Patrol Persian Gulf
15th Jul 2019 [17 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The Royal Navy plans briefly to double its number of warships in the Persian Gulf following an attempted attack by Iranian forces on a British oil tanker on June 20, 2019.But the temporary increase in British warships in the region, from...
Trump’s Racist Attacks Are All Part Of His ‘outsider’ Strategy – And If America’s Not Careful It Will Work Again
15th Jul 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
“There is great anger” – that was Donald Trump’s pitch to the nation as he portrayed himself as the ultimate outsider, the only one able to clean up the “swamp” in Washington.Four years later we are back for another election...
Snakes And Other Critters Join Flooding, Tornadoes As Barrys Latest Threat
15th Jul 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Hurricane Barry, quieted to a tropical depression Monday, remained a dangerous storm that threatened flooding, tornadoes and snakes.
Italy Seizes Combat-ready Missile And Automatic Weapon Stash In Raids On Far-Right Figures
15th Jul 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Italian police have seized a large arsenal of weapons, including an air-to-air missile, in raids on neo-Nazi sympathisers, they said on Monday. Elite police forces searched properties across northern Italy following an investigation...
Alcaida: Al Qaeda Spelled Wrong On Trumps Notes For Remarks Made Attacking Ilhan Omar And Other Freshman Democrats
15th Jul 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Trump was using the notes to defend racist tweets he sent the day before about four Democratic lawmakers, including Rep. Ilhan Omar.
New Zealand PM Utterly Disagrees With Trump Tweets
15th Jul 2019 [19 hours ago] from Yahoo News
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday joined international condemnation of US President Donald Trumps xenophobic tweets about progressive Democrat congresswomen. Ardern, the charismatic young leader who has been hailed as...
Trump News: AOC, Ilhan Omar, Pressley And Tlaib Slam Hateful Actions Of Racist, Xenophobic President
15th Jul 2019 [19 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Donald Trump began the week embroiled in a racism row after attempting to exploit divisions among the opposition by telling young progressive congresswomen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar to “go back and help fix the totally...
Teen Girl Brutally Killed Before Photos Of Her Body Posted On Social Media, New York Police Say
15th Jul 2019 [19 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The brutal killing of 17-year-old Bianca Devins is drawing international attention after her alleged killer shared images of the slaying online.
Georgia Man Dies In Dominican Republic After Drinking Soda That Didnt Taste Right
15th Jul 2019 [19 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Another American tourist has died suspiciously in the Dominican Republic, bringing the total number of mysterious deaths in the country to well over 10. 
Trump Weighs Ousting Commerce Secretary Ross: Report
15th Jul 2019 [19 hours ago] from Yahoo News
President Donald Trump is considering removing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross after the administration failed to add a question on citizenship to next years census, NBC news reported Monday. Ross was at Trumps side on Thursday as he announced...
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