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Security News from 'TaoSecurity'
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Bejtlich On The APT1 Report: No Hack Back
25th Jun 2018 [10 months ago] from TaoSecurity
Before reading the rest of this post, I suggest reading Mandiant/FireEyes statement Doing Our Part -- Without Hacking Back.I would like to add my own color to this situation.First, at no time when I worked for Mandiant or FireEye, or afterwards,...
Bejtlich Joining Splunk
15th May 2018 [11 months ago] from TaoSecurity
Since posting Bejtlich Moves On Ive been rebalancing work, family, and personal life. I invested in my martial arts interests,helped Mrs B thrive in the workplace by carrying more of the home duties, and consulted through TaoSecurity.Today...
Trying Splunk Cloud
7th May 2018 [12 months ago] from TaoSecurity
I first used Splunk over ten years ago, but the first time I blogged about it was in 2008. I described how to install Splunk on Ubuntu 8.04. Today I decided to try the Splunk Cloud.Splunk Cloud is the companys hosted Splunk offering, residing...
Importing Pcap Into Security Onion
26th Feb 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Within the last week, Doug Burks of Security Onion(SO) added a new script that revolutionizes the use case for his amazing open source network security monitoring platform.I have always used SO in a live production mode, meaning I deploy...
Lies And More Lies
22nd Jan 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Following the release of the Spectre and Meltdown CPU attacks, the security community wondered if other researchers would find related speculative attack problems. When the following appeared, we were concerned:"Skyfall and SolaceMore vulnerabilities...
Addressing Innumeracy In Reporting
16th Jan 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Anyone involved in cybersecurity reporting needs a strong sense of numeracy, or mathematical literacy. I see two sorts of examples of innumeracy repeatedly in the media.The first involves the time value of money. Recently CNN claimed Amazon...
Remembering When APT Became Public
14th Jan 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Last week I Tweeted the following on the 8th anniversary of Googles blog post about its compromise by Chinese threat actors:This intrusion made the term APT mainstream. I was the first to associate it with Aurora, in this posthttps://taosecurity.blogspot.com/2010/01/google-v-china.htmlMy...
Happy 15th Birthday TaoSecurity Blog
8th Jan 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Today, 8 January 2018, is the 15th birthday of TaoSecurity Blog! This is also my 3,020th blog post.I wrote my first post on 8 January 2003 while working as an incident response consultant for Foundstone.I dont believe Ive released statistics...
Spectre And Meltdown From A CNO Perspective
5th Jan 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Longtime readers know that I have no problem with foreign countries replacing American vendors with local alternatives. For example, see Five Reasons I Want China Running Its Own Software. This is not a universal principle, but as an American...
On Advanced Network Security Monitoring
4th Dec 2017 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
My TaoSecurity News page says I taught 41 classes lasting a day or more, from 2002 to 2014. All of these involved some aspect of network security monitoring (NSM). Many times students would ask me when I would create the "advanced" version...
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