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Security News from 'TaoSecurity'
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Have Network, Need Network Security Monitoring
25th Oct 2018 [9 months ago] from TaoSecurity
I have been associated with network security monitoring my entire cybersecurity career, so I am obviously biased towards network-centric security strategies and technologies. I also work for a network security monitoring company (Corelight),...
Network Security Monitoring Vs Supply Chain Backdoors
5th Oct 2018 [10 months ago] from TaoSecurity
On October 4, 2018, Bloomberg published a story titled “The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies,” with a subtitle “The attack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple,...
Firewalls And The Need For Speed
18th Sep 2018 [10 months ago] from TaoSecurity
I was looking for resources on campus network design and found these slides(pdf) from a 2011 Network Startup Resource Center presentation. These two caught my attention:This bothered me, so I Tweeted about it.This started some discussion,...
Twenty Years Of Network Security Monitoring: From The AFCERT To Corelight
11th Sep 2018 [10 months ago] from TaoSecurity
I am really fired up to join Corelight. I’ve had to keep my involvement with the team a secret since officially starting on July 20th. Why was I so excited about this company? Let me step backwards to help explain my present situation,...
Defining Counterintelligence
22nd Jul 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Ive written about counterintelligence(CI) before, but I realized today that some of my writing, and the writing of others, may be confused as to exactly what CI means.The authoritative place to find an American definition for CI is the...
Why Do SOCs Look Like This?
28th Jun 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
When you hear the word "SOC," or the phrase "security operations center," what image comes to mind? Do you think of analyst sitting at desks, all facing forward, towards giant screens? Why is this?The following image is from the outstanding...
Bejtlich On The APT1 Report: No Hack Back
25th Jun 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Before reading the rest of this post, I suggest reading Mandiant/FireEyes statement Doing Our Part -- Without Hacking Back.I would like to add my own color to this situation.First, at no time when I worked for Mandiant or FireEye, or afterwards,...
Bejtlich Joining Splunk
15th May 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Since posting Bejtlich Moves On Ive been rebalancing work, family, and personal life. I invested in my martial arts interests,helped Mrs B thrive in the workplace by carrying more of the home duties, and consulted through TaoSecurity.Today...
Trying Splunk Cloud
7th May 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
I first used Splunk over ten years ago, but the first time I blogged about it was in 2008. I described how to install Splunk on Ubuntu 8.04. Today I decided to try the Splunk Cloud.Splunk Cloud is the companys hosted Splunk offering, residing...
Importing Pcap Into Security Onion
26th Feb 2018 [one year ago] from TaoSecurity
Within the last week, Doug Burks of Security Onion(SO) added a new script that revolutionizes the use case for his amazing open source network security monitoring platform.I have always used SO in a live production mode, meaning I deploy...
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