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Security News from 'Guardian'
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How Hackers Can Permanently Lock You Out Of Your Accounts | Dylan Curran
8th Jun 2019 [one month ago] from Guardian
Some hackers use malicious code, but most just hide in plain sight. It can be devastatingly effectiveWhen their computer or social media account is hijacked by an unknown entity, most people probably picture something like this: a faceless...
Israeli Tycoon Hired Black Cube To Influence Tax Policy, TV Investigation Reports
7th Jun 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Idan Ofer allegedly hired firm in 2014 but Black Cube denies ever meetingAn Israeli investigative TV show reported on Thursday that one of the country’s richest men hired Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube to dig up dirt on a cabinet...
China Behind Massive Australian National University Hack, Intelligence Officials Say
5th Jun 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Officials fear data breach may be used to recruit students or university alumni as informantsIntelligence officials believe China may have been behind a massive data breach which compromised the personal details of thousands of Australian...
Australian National University Hit By Huge Data Breach
3rd Jun 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Vice-chancellor says hack involved personal and payroll details going back 19 yearsThe Australian National University is in damage control after discovering a major data breach a fortnight ago in which a “significant” amount of staff...
The Guardian View On Cybercrime: The Law Must Be Enforced | Editorial
3rd Jun 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Governments and police must take crime on the internet seriously. It is where we all live nowAbout half of all property crime in the developed world now takes place online. When so much of our lives, and almost all of our money, have been...
‘All We Know Is MONEY!’: US Cities Struggle To Fight Hackers
2nd Jun 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Baltimore this month joined Atlanta, San Diego and Newark in the list of US cities hit by ransomware attacks as the cyber intrusions are expected to continue“We won’t talk more, all we know is MONEY! Hurry up!”This was the ransom...
Adelaide Teenager Gets Good-behaviour Bond For Hacking Apple Systems Twice
26th May 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Court hears boy, who hacked the tech giant’s systems when he was 13 and 15, was trying to secure a job with the companyAn Adelaide teenager who twice hacked into Apple’s computer systems has been placed on a good-behaviour bond.The...
Baltimore: Government Computers Crippled By Attack As Hackers Demand Bitcoin
22nd May 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Attack on city computers prevents employees from sending email and knocked out bill pay websites, as hackers demand $76,000Hackers have seized control of government computers for the city of Baltimore, demanding ransom and leaving the city...
UK Government Security Decisions Can Be Challenged In Court, Judges Rule
15th May 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Supreme court says GCHQ’s hacking powers should be subject to judicial reviewGovernment security decisions will in future be open to challenge in the courts after judges ruled that a secretive intelligence tribunal could not be exempt...
The Guardian View On Hacking: A Dangerous Arms Trade | Editorial
14th May 2019 [2 months ago] from Guardian
Cyberweapons are dangerous in themselves. Their proliferation makes them much more harmfulNSO Group, an Israeli firm that has risen to a billion-dollar valuation on the strength of the aggressive hacking tools it sells to authoritarian...
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