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Security News from 'Yahoo News'
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Trump Budget Seeks 5 Percent Cut In Non-defense Spending: OMB
11th Mar 2019 [11 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Republican presidents proposal, slated for release at 11:30 a.m. (1530 GMT) on the Office of Management and Budgets website, is expected to be the first volley in this years bitter funding fight with Congress, which has control over...
Jaguar Claws Arizona Woman Who Climbed Zoo Barrier To Take A Selfie
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
(Reuters) - A jaguar clawed an Arizona woman who climbed over a barrier to take a picture at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix, officials said, and the zoo assured animal lovers the big cat would not be put down.
Netanyahu Says Israel Not A State Of All Its Citizens
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in full campaign mode ahead of April 9 polls, on Sunday said Israel "was not a state of all its citizens" in a reference to the countrys Arab population. The prime minister, in comments on Instagram,...
Severe Turbulence Leaves 30 Passengers Injured On Turkish Airlines Flight To New York: ‘I Saw Blood All Over’
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
Severe turbulence left 30 people injured and many passengers fearing for their lives on a flight from Istanbul to New York. Dozens of ambulances were called to New York’s John F Kennedy international airport after those on board the...
Thousands Of Protesters Take To The Streets Of Caracas Amid Nationwide Venezuela Power Outage
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
Thousands of people took to the streets of Caracas on Saturday amid a nationwide power cut that has plunged crisis-hit Venezuela into further chaos and desperation for two days. The capital bristled with the security forces of Nicolás...
Palestinian Authority Cuts Back Wages In Tax, Prisoner Dispute With Israel
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
In February, Israel announced it was deducting five percent of the revenues it transfers monthly to the Palestinian Authority (PA) from tax collected on imports that reach the occupied West Bank and Hamas-run Gaza Strip via Israeli ports....
For Jussie Smollett, 1 Story Equals 16 Felony Counts
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
CHICAGO (AP) — News that a grand jury had indicted Empire actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly lying to Chicago police about being attacked by two masked men may not have made much of a splash except for one thing: The lone felony count...
Trump Adviser: Some Time May Pass Before A Third North Korea Summit
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
Speaking on ABC, John Bolton said the United States has no illusions about North Koreas capabilities, but Trump remains confident in his personal relationship with the North Korean leader. Boltons comments came after two U.S. think tanks...
NRA Targets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez In Scathing Attack, Labelling Her A 'self-absorbed Socialist Darling'
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
The National Rifle Association has launched a scathing attack on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, branding the congresswoman a “self-absorbed socialist darling”. Grant Stinchfield, who is a host on the TV channel of the largest gun lobbying...
Trump Signed Bibles. Heresy? Many Religious Leaders Say No
10th Mar 2019 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — President Donald Trump was just doing what he could to raise spirits when he signed Bibles at an Alabama church for survivors of a tornado outbreak, many religious leaders say, though some are offended and others...
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