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Security News from 'DeepSec'
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Demystifying Hardware Security Modules - How To Protect Keys In Hardware - Michael Walser
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
A secure crypto-algorithm is based on the fact that only the key needs to be kept secret, not the algorithm itself. The key is of high value and must be protected. In this talk we will have a look at how to protect keys and why a dedicated...
Comparing GnuPG With Signal Is Like Comparing Apples With Smart Light Bulbs_Hans Freitag
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
GnuPG is not designed to be used only in E-Mail, it plays an important role in securing all sorts of mission critical data. In this talk I will show you applications of GnuPG that are not E-Mail or Instant Messaging. Hans Freitag: Born...
500000 Recalled Pacemakers, 2 Billion $ Stock Value Loss – The Story Behind - Tobias Zillner
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
During an independent security assessment of several pacemaker vendors multiple lethal and highly critical vulnerabilities were found. Based on previous experience with one specific vendor a new way of monetising vulnerabilities has been...
30 CVEs In 30 Days - Eran Shimony
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
In recent years, the most effective way to discover new vulnerabilities is considered to be fuzzing. We will present a complementary approach to fuzzing. By using this method, which is quite easy, we managed to get over 30 CVEs across multiple...
Security Analytics And Zero Trust - How Do We Tackle That? - Holger Arends
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
With the current trends towards zero trust networks, deployment of billions of IoT devices, interconnection of critical infrastructure to the cloud, well-organised threat agents, and the rise of fully autonomous systems, both the control...
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Information security is too often seen as a highly technical field in computer science, and one where the more technical someone is, the more right they are likely to be. But security is part of systems of life, that not only include computers...
DeepSec2019 Opening
17th Mar 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
DeepSec 2019 Opening.Cast: DeepSec ConferenceTags: Opening, Information Security and DeepSec
The Daily Malware Grind - Looking Beyond The Cybers - Tim Berghoff, Hauke Gierow
13th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Given the noise generated around all the “sexy” and no doubt interesting topics like 0days, APT and nation state-sponsored threat actors it is easy to miss what is really going on out there, in the world of Joe Average. Actual telemetry...
Techniques And Tools For Becoming An Intelligence Operator - Robert Sell
13th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
In this talk, Robert introduces the various operations that Trace Labs has performed to help illustrate OSINT techniques used in finding details on real human subjects. Trace Labs is a non-profit organization that crowdsources open source...
Still Secure. We Empower What We Harden Because We Can Conceal - Yury Chemerkin
11th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
The Launch of Windows 10 has brought many controversial discussions around the privacy factor of collecting and transmitting user data to Microsoft and its partners. But Microsoft was not the first, Apple did it many years ago and there...
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