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Security News from 'SecurityWeek'
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Fake Checkra1n IOS Jailbreak Offered In Click Fraud Scheme
15th Oct 2019 [45 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
iPhone owners looking to jailbreak their devices have been warned that a fake checkra1n jailbreak is being offered as part of a sophisticated click fraud scheme featuring techniques that could be used for far more malicious actions. read...
Securing All Cloud Deployments With A Single Strategy
15th Oct 2019 [46 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Many organizations eager to reap the benefits of cloud networking have adopted a cloud first strategy. As a result, their DevOps teams are actively developing applications that enable them to compete more effectively in today’s digital...
Researchers Find New Backdoor Used By Winnti Hackers
15th Oct 2019 [46 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
ESET security researchers were able to identify a new backdoor associated with the threat actor known as the Winnti Group. read more
Shadow IT Has Benefits Not Yet Fully Utilized By Business
15th Oct 2019 [46 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Shadow IT is a well-known and long-standing organizational issue that has never really been solved. The problem is that it is a boon as well as a threat; and an uneasy balance exists between the two aspects.But with increasing use and familiarity...
Microsoft Makes Tamper Protection In Defender ATP Generally Available
15th Oct 2019 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Microsoft is now providing all of its Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) customers with tamper protection, which is meant to prevent unauthorized changes to security features. read more
Googles USB-C Titan Security Key Arrives In The U.S.
15th Oct 2019 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Starting today, October 15, users in the United States have a new two-factor authentication (2FA) method at their disposal in the form of Google’s USB-C Titan Security Key. Manufactured in partnership with Yubico, the USB-C Titan Security...
Pitney Bowes Operations Disrupted By Ransomware Attack
15th Oct 2019 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Global shipping and ecommerce giant Pitney Bowes on Monday informed customers that some of its services are unavailable due to a piece of ransomware infecting some systems. read more
Click2Mail Informs Users Of Data Breach
14th Oct 2019 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
United States Postal Service (USPS) affiliate Click2Mail.com has started sending out notices to some of its users about a data breach that impacted their personal information. read more
Mozilla Hardens Firefox Against Injection Attacks
14th Oct 2019 [3 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Mozilla this week announced a reduced attack surface for code injection in Firefox through the removal of potentially dangerous artifacts such as occurrences of inline scripts and eval()-like functions. read more
California Attorney General Outlines How State Will Enforce Upcoming Privacy Law
14th Oct 2019 [3 days ago] from SecurityWeek
The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has released the draft proposed regulations on how the state will enforce the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) that comes into force on January 1, 2020. read more
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