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Security News from 'The Register'
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Bulgaria Hack: 20-year-old Infosec Whizz Cuffed After Adult Populations Finance Deets Nicked
18th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Bosses stick up for suspect, claim hes being framed for pinching 5m folks data A 20-year-old infosec bod has been arrested in Bulgaria after most of the countrys population had their personal and financial details stolen.…
Those Facial Recognition Trials In The UK? They Should Be Banned, Warns Parliamentary Committee
18th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Latest call to halt creepy tech likely to fall on deaf ears The government should slap a "moratorium on the current use of facial recognition technology, with "no further trials" until there is legal framework in place, a Parliamentary...
Microsoft Demos End-to-end Voting Verification System ElectionGuard, Will Publish Code On GitHub
18th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Defending democracy initiative to resist nation-state attacks Microsoft has demonstrated its ElectionGuard electronic vote system at the Aspen Security Forum under way in Colorado, as well as warning that nearly 10,000 of its customers...
Member Ke3chang? Theyre Still At It, You Know. Euro Diplomats Targeted By China-based Hacker Crew
18th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Click your mouse three times... theres no place like a back door to your machine - ESET An old-school shadowy malware group believed to operate out of China has been targeting diplomats with what infosec researchers say is a previously...
Dutch Cops Collar Fella Accused Of Crafting And Flogging Office Macro Nasties To Cyber-crooks
18th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Accused bloke cuffed after plod swoop on home A 20-year-old man from the Netherlands accused of building and selling Office macro malware was arrested Wednesday.…
Fresh Stalkerware Crop Pops Up On Googles Android Play Store, Swiftly Yanked Offline
17th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
130,000 have already downloaded creepware Seven new stalkerware apps have been spotted for sale on the Android Play Store, despite Googles policy against the invasive monitoring tools.…
Dont Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now, Bot Busting Biz Tells ReCAPTCHA Data Serfs
17th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Instead of enriching Google, try making a market for click work Analysis  Internet companies depend on free labor. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google rely upon content creators who give their work away for the sake of platform...
For Pitys Sake, Groans Mimecast, Teach Your Workforce Not To Open Obviously Dodgy Emails
17th Jul 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
JavaScript obfuscation finds its way into finance phishery A JavaScript-based phishing campaign mainly targeting British finance and accounting workers has been uncovered by Mimecast.…
Email Scammers Extract Over $300m A Month From American Suits Pockets
17th Jul 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
FinCEN has recovered more than $500m to date While youre sweating to make an honest crust, email scammers are counting at least $301m in untaxed takings every month in the US alone, according to research by the Financial Crimes Enforcement...
Turning It Off And On Again IN SPAAACE! ISS Animal-tracker Kit Needs Oldest Trick In The Book
17th Jul 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
Theres bit more to it than leaning down and fumbling for reset switch, though Icarus – the ambitious project to track hundreds of thousands of animals from space – has hit an unexpected delay after a specialised computer installed on...
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