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Security News from 'The Register'
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Scammy And Spammy Harassers Are Chasing Veteran Pros Off Crypto-collab Platform Keybase
5th Dec 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
What happens when you throw your lot in with crypto-coin types Collaboration site Keybase, once touted for its encrypted meetup channels and robust developer features, is struggling to ward off an epidemic of harassment and spam brought...
Feds Slap $5m Bounty On Evil Corp Russian Duo Accused Of Running ZeuS, Dridex Banking Trojans
5th Dec 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
Account-draining malware masterminds charged but remain in motherland US prosecutors have slapped a $5m bounty on the heads of two Russian nationals they claim are part of the malware gang behind the banking trojans ZeuS and Dridex.…
How To Fool Infosec Wonks Into Pinning A Cyber Attack On China, Russia, Iran, Whomever
5th Dec 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
Learning points, not an instruction manual Black Hat 2019  Faking digital evidence during a cyber attack – planting a false flag – is simple if you know how, as noted infosec veteran Jake Williams told Londons Black Hat...
Oil Be Damned: Iran-based Crooks Flinging Malware At Middle Eastern Energy Plants Again – Research
5th Dec 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
ZeroCleare wipes up where Shamoon left off An Iran-based hacking crew long known to target energy facilities in neighboring Middle Eastern countries is believed to be launching new attacks.…
Atlassian Scrambles To Fix Zero-day Security Hole Accidentally Disclosed On Twitter
4th Dec 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
Exposed private cert key may also be an issue for IBM Aspera Twitter security celeb SwiftOnSecurity on Tuesday inadvertently disclosed a zero-day vulnerability affecting enterprise software biz Atlassian, a flaw that may be echoed in IBMs...
Lazarus Group Goes Back To The Apple Orchard With New MacOS Trojan
4th Dec 2019 [5 days ago] from The Register
In-memory malware a first for suspected Nork hacking crew The Lazarus group, which has been named as one of North Koreas state-sponsored hacking teams, has been found to be using new tactics to infect macOS machines.…
Mozilla Locks Nosy Avast, AVG Extensions Out Of Firefox Store Amid Row Over Web Privacy
4th Dec 2019 [6 days ago] from The Register
Add-ons accused of slurping every URL netizens visit The Firefox extensions built by Avast have been pulled from the open-source browsers online add-on store over privacy fears.…
AWS Has New Tool For Those Leaky S3 Buckets So, Yeah, You Might Need To Reconfigure A Few Things
3rd Dec 2019 [7 days ago] from The Register
Security a popular topic at Las Vegas event re:Invent  At its re:Invent event under way in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) dropped the veil on a new tool to help customers to avoid spewing data stored on its S3 (Simple Storage) service...
UK Parcel-tosser Yodel Plugs Tracking Apps Random Yaps About Where On Map To Snap Up Strangers Tat
3rd Dec 2019 [7 days ago] from The Register
Shipped from expensive shop X? In the shed, you say? Researcher spots badness Parcel wrangler Yodel has corked up a security hole in which random user data leaked to people using its Android app.…
Russian FaceApp Selfie-slurper Poses Potential Counterintelligence Threat, FBI Warns
2nd Dec 2019 [7 days ago] from The Register
Feds tell senator that age-filter toy a potential security risk Netizens who fire up FaceApp for fun may be unknowingly putting national security at risk, according to the FBI.…
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