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Windows 7 Dies January 14: How To Move From Windows 7 To Windows 10
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
If you’re a Windows 7 user, your deadline is near: Windows 7 officially exits support on Jan. 14, 2020, so it’s very close to the time you need to upgrade to Windows 10.“End of support” means that your Windows 7 or Office 2010...
AMD Talks Threadripper: How It Works, Who Should Buy It, And Whats That Price Again?
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
AMD’s 64-core Threadripper 3990X won the chip war at CES, and there’s still plenty to learn about it as we await its ship date February 7. PCWorld’s Gordon Mah Ung talked to AMD’s David McAfee to get more details. The 64-core,...
Microsoft Publishes Microsoft Launcher Preview For An Inside Look At Its Phone Future
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Windows fans helped develop Windows 10 and its related apps and services via the Insider program. But with Windows Phone dead, how can enthusiasts help guide Microsoft’s presence in phones like the Microsoft Surface Duo? Via a new preview...
Samsung Teams Up With Microsoft To Sell A Weirdly Practical Phone That Means Business
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
While we’re all waiting for the Galaxy S20 to arrive in San Francisco on February 11, Samsung isn’t resting on its laurels. After announcing the budget-friendly Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Lite models ahead of its CES appearance last week,...
Cooler Masters Adorable Masterbox MB311L Mini-tower Is Affordable, Too
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Not too long ago, spending under $80 for a computer case meant you’d get an entirely plastic affair with unlit fans. Or, if you looked hard enough, fans with simple red or blue LEDs—definitely not the rainbow colors that have overtaken...
Lian Lis Upcoming RGB Accessories Blend Practicality And Good Looks
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Among the trends at CES 2020 was greater attention from PC component manufacturers on eliminating the small but irritating aspects of PC building—be it the classic conflict between the position of an CPU air cooler and tall RAM DIMMs,...
Please, Android Phone Makers, Just Give Us Better Cameras, Not More Dumb Gimmicks
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
We’re barely a week into 2020, and we’ve already got the first smartphone camera gimmick of the year. At last week’s CES in Las Vegas, OnePlus demoed an “invisible camera,” which uses electrochromic glass to create various tints...
Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller NXG-200 Review: Sophisticated, But Very Expensive
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
This garage door controller Wi-Fi retrofit kit has some advanced features, but that might not be enough to justify its high price tag.
AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone Review: Youll Pay A Steep Price To Build Your Own Headphone
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
This customizable, modular headphone sounds good, but has some quirks that mar its overall appeal.
AMD Vs. Intel: Which CPU Is Likely To Be Faster This Year?
13th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
This year we’ll see an historic fight for laptops, as AMD’s first truly competitive mobile CPU seeks to dethrone Intel’s decades-long dominance. Although full details of AMD’s mobile Ryzen 4000 chips aren’t known—and Intel has...
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