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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Amazon Echo Studio Review: Not Quite The Best Smart Speaker, But A Fantastic Value
27th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
The more-expensive Google Home Max delivers higher fidelity, and Sonos has the better multi-room ecosystem, but Amazon’s best Echo shouldn’t be overlooked.
Roborock S5 Max Review: Precision Water Control Sets This Robot Vacuum/mop Hybrid Apart
27th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
New mopping options--and powerful suction--make this a complete cleaner.
IceGiant Says Its Giant Cooler Can Even Tame AMDs Giant Threadripper
27th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
CPUs may be getting smaller, but they’re not actually getting any cooler. Between AMD’s 32- and 64-core Threadripper CPUs, and Intel’s Core X chips, modern high-end desktop CPUs are producing more heat than ever dreamed of 10 years...
Google Decides To Iterate On Its Deceptive Favicon Search Plan
24th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Google backtracked Friday from its controversial plan to mix “favicons” in with search results, which critics had called a deceptive mix of search results and paid advertising.Last week, Google began putting small favicons (website...
The Full Nerd Ep. 122: AMDs Confusing Radeon RX 5600 XT Launch
24th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
In this episode of The Full Nerd, Brad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray review the confusing launch of the Radeon RX 5600 XT, and all the Nvidia-AMD counterpunching around it.AMD announced the $279 Radeon RX 5600 XT at CES,...
Intels Ghost Canyon NUC And Compute Element: 10 Questions And Intriguing Facts
24th Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC and its Compute Element card were two of the most intriguing pieces of hardware shown by the company at CES 2020. They may be tiny, but they represent some big changes to small-form-factor PCs. Here are the key...
Intel Reports Record Fourth Quarter As It Ramps Up 10nm Chips And Tamps Down Supply Issues
23rd Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Intel reported unexpectedly stellar fourth-quarter results on Thursday, while it continues to chart a path toward increasing wafer supply and transitioning into the first iteration of its 10nm process technology. The numbers were outstanding:...
Sonos Changes Tack On “legacy” Hardware
23rd Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Older hardware still won’t get new software features after May, but operating them won’t prevent firmware updates for new hardware.
Heres What Android Running On The Dual-screen Surface Duo Might Look Like
23rd Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
On Wednesday, Microsoft released an emulator showing how Android apps would run on the dual-screen Surface Duo Android phone. We now have a better idea of how it will all work.Microsoft is simultaneously developing apps for the dual-screen...
Cord-cutting And Sports: 5 Ways To Squeeze Out More Savings
23rd Jan 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Cord-cutting might not save as much money for sports fans, but these tips can help.
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