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Security News from 'ESET Research'
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Face Unlock On Many Android Smartphones Falls For A Photo
10th Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
No 3D-printed heads or realistic masks were needed to trick even a handful of high-end handset models into unlocking their screens The post Face unlock on many Android smartphones falls for a photo appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
CES IoT Security – Do You Know Who Your Home Is Talking To?
10th Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
There’s a digital treasure trove to be had in your home so you should take steps to protect it The post CES IoT security – do you know who your home is talking to? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
CES – Singularity And Securing The Car
9th Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
Whats in store for automotive security once cars morph into mobile living rooms and working spaces? And how about transportation at large? The post CES – singularity and securing the car appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
New Year’s Resolutions: Get Your Passwords Shipshape
8th Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
In case there are some blank entries in your laundry list of New Year’s resolutions, we have a few tips for a bit of cybersecurity ‘soul searching’. Here’s the first batch, looking at how you can fix your good ol’ passwords. The...
EU Offers Bug Bounties On Popular Open Source Software
7th Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
The program with a prize pool of almost US$1 million aims to leverage the ‘power of the crowd’ in order to prevent another Heartbleed The post EU offers bug bounties on popular open source software appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Personal Data Of German Political Elite Dumped Online
4th Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
The vast trove of data was released online and disseminated via Twitter over the span of four weeks – without anybody really noticing The post Personal data of German political elite dumped online appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
What Is Threat Cumulativity And What Does It Mean For Digital Security?
3rd Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
A reflection on how acknowledging the cumulative nature of cyber-threats and understanding its implications can benefit our digital security The post What is threat cumulativity and what does it mean for digital security? appeared first...
This Netflix-themed Scam Prompts FTC To Issue Warning
2nd Jan 2019 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
The message starts off with the kind of information that is apt to send shivers down the spines of many binge-watchers The post This Netflix-themed scam prompts FTC to issue warning appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Ransomware Vs. Printing Press? US Newspapers Face “foreign Cyberattack”
31st Dec 2018 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
Did malware disrupt newspaper deliveries in major US cities? Here’s what’s known about the incident so far and the leading suspect: Ryuk ransomware. Plus, advice on defending your organization against such attacks. The post Ransomware...
2018: Research Highlights From ESET’s Leading Lights
31st Dec 2018 [6 months ago] from ESET Research
As the curtain slowly falls on yet another eventful year in cybersecurity, let’s look back on some of the finest malware analysis by ESET researchers in 2018 The post 2018: Research highlights from ESET’s leading lights appeared first...
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