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Security News from 'Krebsonsecurity'
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‘War Dialing’ Tool Exposes Zoom’s Password Problems
2nd Apr 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to force people to work from home, countless companies are now holding daily meetings using videoconferencing services from Zoom. But without the protection of a password, theres a decent chance your...
Phish Of GoDaddy Employee Jeopardized Escrow.com, Among Others
31st Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
A spear-phishing attack this week hooked a customer service employee at GoDaddy.com, the worlds largest domain name registrar, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. The incident gave the phisher the ability to view and modify key customer records,...
Annual Protest To ‘Fight Krebs’ Raises €150K+
30th Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
In 2018, KrebsOnSecurity unmasked the creators of Coinhive -- a now-defunct cryptocurrency mining service that was being massively abused by cybercriminals -- as the administrators of a popular German language image-hosting forum. In protest...
Russians Shut Down Huge Card Fraud Ring
26th Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Federal investigators in Russia have charged at least 25 people accused of operating a sprawling international credit card theft ring. Cybersecurity experts say the raid included the charging of a major carding kingpin thought to be tied...
US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice
25th Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Many U.S. government Web sites now carry a message prominently at the top of their home pages meant to help visitors better distinguish between official U.S. government properties and phishing pages. Unfortunately, part of that message...
Who’s Behind The ‘Web Listings’ Mail Scam?
23rd Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
In December 2018, KrebsOnSecurity looked at how dozens of U.S. political campaigns, cities and towns had paid a shady company called Web Listings Inc. after receiving what looked like a bill for search engine optimization (SEO) services...
Security Breach Disrupts Fintech Firm Finastra
20th Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Finastra, a company that provides a range of technology solutions to banks worldwide, said it was shutting down key systems in response to a security breach discovered Friday morning. The companys public statement and notice to customers...
Zxyel Flaw Powers New Mirai IoT Botnet Strain
20th Mar 2020 [11 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
In February, hardware maker Zyxel fixed a zero-day vulnerability in its routers and VPN firewall products after KrebsOnSecurity told the company the flaw was being abused by attackers to break into devices. This week, security researchers...
Coronavirus Widens The Money Mule Pool
17th Mar 2020 [12 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
With many people being laid off or working from home thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, cybercrooks are almost certain to have more than their usual share of recruitable "money mules" -- people who get roped into money laundering schemes...
The Web’s Bot Containment Unit Needs Your Help
16th Mar 2020 [12 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Anyone whos seen the 1984 hit movie Ghostbusters likely recalls the pivotal scene where a government bureaucrat orders the shutdown of the ghost containment unit, effectively unleashing a pent-up phantom menace on New York City. Now, something...
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