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Ankers Ultra-popular Chargers And Accessories Are Even Cheaper In Amazons 24-hour Blowout
4th Jun 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
Anker’s popular, affordable accessories add a lot of convenience to your life, and today, they’re even cheaper in Amazon’s one-day Anker blowoutRemove non-product link. With everything from headphones to speakers, this sale has plenty...
Upgrade Your Aging PC With These Killer Deals On RAM, A 1080p Gaming GPU, And An 8TB Hard Drive
4th Jun 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
Upgrading your PC sometimes means a better GPU or CPU, but expanding your storage and RAM is also a pretty sweet way to beef up your desktop. Amazon and Newegg have some nice deals today to help you do just that, and as a bonus, we found...
Seagate Is The First To Hit 16TB Capacity With Its IronWolf, IronWolf Pro, And Exos X16 Hard Drives
4th Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
Though SSDs are where the performance is at, theres simply no touching the traditional hard drive for capacity and price per gigabyte. The bar has been raised yet again with Seagates announcement of its first 16TB models in the IronWolf,...
The New Mac Pro Is Apple’s Love Letter To Forgotten Die-hard Mac Fans
4th Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
Apple’s new Mac Pro—handles, holes and all—is a perfect reboot of the classic Mac we thought was long gone.
Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight Starter Kit Review: Security Lighting On The Cheap—except For All Those Batteries
4th Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
The all-plastic construction has us wondering about longevity, but the price (and the hooks into the broader Ring ecosystem) can’t be beat.
Apples New Mac Pro Might Be The Monster Mac Professionals Have Been Asking For
4th Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
With the debut of the new Mac Pro on June 3, we can finally say, “welcome back to the professional market that you unceremoniously dumped overboard a few years ago, Apple.” (Sure, true believers will say Apple never left, but uhh,...
IOS 13 And IPadOS: Everything You Need To Know
3rd Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
With over a billion users, iOS is one of the biggest consumer operating systems in the world. Heres how its going to change your iPhone and iPad this fall.
How To Disable Your Laptop Touchpad
3rd Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
The touchpad has been the standard laptop pointing device for years. Since touchpads are built into a laptop, they work well when you don’t want to carry around another pointing device. Even when a mouse or another pointing device is...
What To Do When Your Ethernet Wont Connect
3rd Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
If you’ve got working Wi-Fi but your wired ethernet connection is not working, the first thing to do is turn off the Wi-Fi. Believe it or not, this might tell you that the ethernet is working. If Windows has access to both, it will give...
Microsoft Is Reportedly Prepping A Dual-screen Surface Tablet
3rd Jun 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
Microsoft reportedly has shown off a dual-screen version of a Surface device, in what sounds like a smaller version of the ”Twin Rivers” concept Intel showed off at Computex in late May.According to The Verge, Microsoft’s devices...
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