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News That Intels First Xe Graphics Cards Will Cost $200 Turns Out To Be A Mistranslation
2nd Aug 2019 [21 days ago] from PCWorld
Editors note: Since this article posted, Toms Hardware reported that Koduris original statement about the first Xe graphics card had been mistranslated. There is no new news about what the first Xe product will be—Koduris remarks stuck...
This Week In Games: Crusader Kings II Is As Cheap As It Will Ever Get, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Delayed
2nd Aug 2019 [21 days ago] from PCWorld
I know, I know, "Take me to the Crusader Kings II deal." Well get there.Youll find details below, plus new spooky trailers for Control and Blair Witch, a short Destiny 2 delay, a longer Phoenix Point delay, and if you scroll down...
Intels First Discrete Xe Graphics Cards Will Cost $200, Battling AMD And Nvidia For The Mainstream Crown
2nd Aug 2019 [22 days ago] from PCWorld
Intel’s discrete “Xe” graphics cards will be priced to move when they debut in 2020. In an interview with Russian YouTube channel Pro Hi-Tech, Intel’s chief architect and graphics head Raja Koduri said that the chip giant is...
Amazon Dash Buttons Are Going Away For Good, But There Are Alternatives
2nd Aug 2019 [22 days ago] from PCWorld
Physical Dash buttons are on the way out, but there are alternatives for quickly reordering items from Amazon, from “virtual” Dash buttons to the Dash Wand.
The Most Exciting PC Games Still To Come In 2019
2nd Aug 2019 [22 days ago] from PCWorld
As Groundhog Day indicates six more weeks of winter, so does Madden release day indicate three months of video games ahead. We’ve officially passed that threshold for 2019, ending the annual summer drought. Rejoice!So what does the fall...
Its Time: We Need A Unified RGB Lighting Standard
2nd Aug 2019 [22 days ago] from PCWorld
They told me RGB lighting would serve a purpose. All of them did—Logitech, Razer, Corsair. When I started reviewing RGB-equipped peripherals, five or six years ago now, it was more than mere fashion statement. Sure, your new keyboard...
Eyes On Sony’s CLED (Crystal LED) Display Technology: Samsung Isn’t The Only Player In The Micro LED Game
2nd Aug 2019 [22 days ago] from PCWorld
Sonys Crystal LED video-wall technology looks astounding, far better than any conventional commercial-cinema or home-based display Ive ever seen.
Denon DP-450USB Turntable Review: An Ideal Tool For Digitizing Your Vinyl Collection
2nd Aug 2019 [22 days ago] from PCWorld
Denon’s DP-450USB delivers great sound and an easy way to digitize your vinyl—and you’ll want to find a better software solution than that comes bundled.
The Full Nerd Ep. 101: Threadripper 3 Rumors, Destiny 2 On Ryzen 3000, And Q&A Galore
1st Aug 2019 [23 days ago] from PCWorld
In this episode of The Full Nerd, Brad’s out! And you know what that means: Gordon Mah Ung, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray dive deep into the rumor mill, discussing recent Threadripper 3 leaks before turning to AMD’s Destiny...
Nanoleaf’s Canvas Smart Light Squares Are Poised To Take Charge Of All Your HomeKit Devices
1st Aug 2019 [23 days ago] from PCWorld
An update to the Nanoleaf app for iOS will add Touch Actions, a feature that lets you tap specific Canvas light squares on your wall to control your various HomeKit devices.
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