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Security News from 'The Register'
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Cloud Biz Blackbaud Caved To Ransomware Gangs Demands – Then Neglected To Inform Customers For Two Months
17th Jul 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
Just a coincidence it put out a statement amid the Twitter mega-hack Blackbaud, a cloud software provider specializing in fundraising suites for charities and educational institutions, quietly paid off a ransomware attacker – and then...
Ew, Thats Unsanitary: SEO Plugin For WordPress Would Run Arbitrary JavaScript Inputs Instead Of Scrubbing Them
17th Jul 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
XSS vuln could hijack websites so update your All in One pack A popular WordPress search engine optimisation plugin with around two million installs could have been abused to hijack a target website, according to a threat intel...
Twitter Admits 130 A-lister Accounts Compromised To Promote Bitcoin Scam After Social Engineering Attack
17th Jul 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
Which, lets be real, is a fancy way to say we got phished Twitter has said that around 130 accounts were targeted by miscreants this week as high-profile individuals and businesses had their accounts hijacked to promote a Bitcoin scam.…...
This Week Of Never-ending Security Updates Continue. Now Apple Emits Dozens Of Fixes For IOS, MacOS, Etc
16th Jul 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Make sure your iThing installs these patches Apple has released a fresh batch of software security updates for its flagship devices.…
FYI Russia Is Totally Hacking The Wests Labs In Search Of COVID-19 Vaccine Files, Say UK, US, Canada Cyber-spies
16th Jul 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Completely unacceptable spouts British Foreign Secretary Russian hackers at the states FSB spy agency have been caught breaking into Western institutions working on potential vaccines for the COVID-19 coronavirus in hope of stealing said...
Privacy Shield Binned After EU Court Rules Transatlantic Data Protection Arrangements Inadequate
16th Jul 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
The spice data must flow (and it will - just through SCCs) The EU Court of Justice has struck down the so-called Privacy Shield data protection arrangements between the political bloc and the US, triggering a fresh wave of legal confusion...
Finally Done With All Those Patch Tuesday Updates? Think Again! Heres 33 Cisco Bug Fixes, With Five Criticals
16th Jul 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
And whos that in the background? Just Oracle and its *cough* 443 bugs Cisco has emitted 33 security bug fixes in its latest crop of software updates, five of those deemed critical.…
Twitter Says Hack Of Key Staff Led To Celebrity Account Hijack
15th Jul 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Coordinated social engineering attack’ on key personnel let bad actors tweet out Bitcoin scam saw account access halted, but Reg can reveal it didnt stop impacted accounts sending direct messages Twitter has offered its initial analysis...
Report: CIA Runs Secret Cyberwar With Little Oversight After Trump Gave The OK, Say US Government Officials
15th Jul 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Details start to emerge on real-world impact of Prez-signed secret memo The CIA is running a secret cyberwar including Russian-style hack-and-leak operations with little or no oversight, US officials have warned.…
Twitter Mass Hacking: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg, Biden, Obama, More Hijacked To Peddle Bitcoin Scam
15th Jul 2020 [30 days ago] from The Register
Miscreants have already obtained more than $110K from the credulous The Twitter accounts of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and other celebrities were briefly taken over on Wednesday, along with the accounts of various...
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