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Best Cheap Laptops: We Rate The Best-sellers On Amazon And Best Buy
13th Apr 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Editors note: The sudden rise in working from home has created unanticipated demand for laptops. As a result, many models that used to be inexpensive are now pricier. Our list of good buys is shorter as a result, but we still care about...
Best Funny Zoom Background Trick: Put Yourself In A Looping Video So You Can Skip The Meeting
13th Apr 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
We’ve all been in Zoom video conference meetings that drag on longer than a bad movie. Unfortunately your boss insists upon seeing your face among the dozens of other co-workers carefully listening to updates on the TPS reports.Suffer...
Essential Gear That Makes Working From Home Much Easier
13th Apr 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Laptops work great on the road or in the classroom, but now that so many of us have been suddenly thrust into working from home, you may be realizing that your tiny notebook isn’t optimal for being pounded on for eight hours straight....
How To Prepare Your Home For Emergencies (like The One We’re Going Through Right Now)
13th Apr 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
These 15 tips will raise your home preparedness game and fortify your defenses against, well, just about anything.
Reolink E1 Zoom Review: This Camera Pans, Tilts, And Zooms To Deliver Complete Coverage
13th Apr 2020 [one month ago] from PCWorld
Theres little to distinguish the Zoom from other cameras in Reolinks E1 line, but its another solid offering from this manufacturer.
PCWorlds April Digital Magazine: Why Big-screen Phones Are Becoming A Problem
10th Apr 2020 [2 months ago] from PCWorld
Stay on top of the latest tech with PCWorld’s Digital Magazine. Available as single copies or as a monthly subscription, it highlights the best content from PCWorld.com—the most important news, the key product reviews, and the most...
How To Make A Funny Zoom Background To Entertain Your Friends And Coworkers
10th Apr 2020 [2 months ago] from PCWorld
Its as easy to make a custom Zoom background thats silly to mess around with your friends and coworkers, as it is to make a serious Zoom background for business meetings. Well show you how. Normally, a webcam shows just what it sees: you,...
Apple And Google Partner For COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tech
10th Apr 2020 [2 months ago] from PCWorld
The upcoming service relies on users choosing to report if they have COVID-19.
Take Thousands Off The Price Of A Mac Pro With New Apple Refurbs, Wheels Still Extra
10th Apr 2020 [2 months ago] from PCWorld
Apple has added more than a dozen Mac Pro models in various configurations to its online refurbished store.
How To Use Animated GIFs As Backgrounds In Zoom Video
10th Apr 2020 [2 months ago] from PCWorld
In an age where your virtual background says more about you than actually being in the call, static backgrounds in Zoom are just plain boring.While Zoom supports video virtual backgrounds, finding an appropriate video can be challenging...
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