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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Acers Swanky New Gaming Monitors Marry High Resolutions With Ultra-fast Speeds
7th Jan 2021 [19 days ago] from PCWorld
If you’ve feel the need for gaming speed, Acer’s newly announced trio of ultra-fast high-resolution monitors might just catch your eye. In addition to abundant pixels and screaming refresh rates, all three also offer adaptive sync technology...
Your Lenovo Laptop Will Soon Double As An Amazon Echo Show
7th Jan 2021 [19 days ago] from PCWorld
Lenovo’s upcoming Show Mode will bring the Alexa-powered Echo Show interface to Lenovo PCs and laptops.
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 Aims For Affordability At $550
7th Jan 2021 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Chromebook was big, bold, red—and at $1,000, quite expensive. For 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 is now substantially cheaper at $550, though some of the features have been trimmed as well.All told,...
Apple Report Card: How We Grade Everything Released In 2020
7th Jan 2021 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Apple launched a lot of new products in 2020. Heres what we think of all of them.
Silicon Power US70 NVMe SSD Review: Surprisingly Good Real-world Performance
7th Jan 2021 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
The US70 is our first look at a Silicon Power SSD, and we liked the view. It’s not a top-tier drive, but it’s not priced like it either, and our 2TB review unit turned some nice test scores. This drive is a solid value. This review...
Microsoft Unveils A New Addition To The Windows Taskbar: A News And Weather Feed
6th Jan 2021 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider build adds a significant number of features to Windows 10, including weather and news widgets in the taskbar, new storage settings, and some additional command-line tweaks.They’re all part of Windows...
Samsung Edges Its MicroLED TV Line A Tiny Bit Closer To Mainstream At CES
6th Jan 2021 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Samsung is finally incorporating its self-emissive Micro-LED technology into TVs that deep-pocketed early adopters will be interested in buying.
New Nest Cameras On Tap For 2021 As Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Sells Out
6th Jan 2021 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Google says a “new lineup of security cameras” is on the way as soon as this year.
What You Need To Know About Windows Security In Windows 10
6th Jan 2021 [21 days ago] from PCWorld
Microsoft’s Windows Security acts like an airbag: It will protect you, regardless of whether you know it exists. You’ll find a number of technologies grouped within the Windows 10 Settings menu, all designed to secure your PC from malware.Our...
Best Wireless Keyboards: Hand-tested Reviews Of Bluetooth And USB Models
5th Jan 2021 [21 days ago] from PCWorld
The best wireless keyboards do more than free you from a cable. They let you toss the crummy keyboard you got for free with your PC—does anyone like that one?—and they also give you options. The models we’ve reviewed range from full-size...
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