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Security News from 'ESET Research'
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New Tool Helps Companies Assess Why Employees Click On Phishing Emails
22nd Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
NIST’s tool can help organizations improve the testing of their employees’ phish-spotting prowess The post New tool helps companies assess why employees click on phishing emails appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Mozilla Fixes Flaw That Let Attackers Hijack Firefox For Android Via Wi‑Fi
21st Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
Attackers could have exploited the flaw to steal victims’ login credentials or install malware on their devices The post Mozilla fixes flaw that let attackers hijack Firefox for Android via Wi‑Fi appeared first on...
Plugging In A Strange USB Drive – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
17th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
While wanting to return a found USB flash drive is commendable, you should avoid taking unnecessary risks, lest your device get infested and your data compromised. The post Plugging in a strange USB drive – What could possibly go wrong?...
Emotet Strikes Quebec’s Department Of Justice: An ESET Analysis
16th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
The cyber attack affects 14 inboxes belonging to the Department of Justice was confirmed by ESET researchers.  The post Emotet strikes Quebec’s Department of Justice: An ESET Analysis appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Sports Data For Ransom – It’s Not All Just Fun And Games Anymore
16th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
Sports and training data are more sophisticated and affordable than ever. With the democratization of (sports) performance data, are your personal information safe? The post Sports data for ransom – it’s not all just fun and games...
Zoom Makes 2FA Available For All Its Users
15th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
Zoom now supports phone calls, text messages and authentication apps as forms of two-factor authentication   The post Zoom makes 2FA available for all its users appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Portland Passes the strictest Facial Recognition Technology Ban in The US yet
10th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
Oregon’s largest city aims to be a trailblazer when it comes to facial recognition legislation . The post Portland passes the strictest facial recognition technology ban in the US yet  appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Who Is Calling? CDRThief Targets Linux VoIP Softswitches
10th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers have discovered and analyzed malware that targets Voice over IP (VoIP) softswitches. The post Who is calling? CDRThief targets Linux VoIP softswitches appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
UK University Suffers Cyberattack, Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility
9th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
The cyber incident has taken most of Newcastle University’s systems offline and officials estimates it will take weeks to recover.  The post UK University suffers cyberattack, ransomware gang claims responsibility  appeared first on...
Lead‑offering Business Booming As Usual!
8th Sep 2020 [7 months ago] from ESET Research
…but there are no conferences or exhibitions??? The post Lead‑offering business booming as usual! appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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