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Security News from 'Topix'
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Dolce&Gabbana Accused Of Insulting China; Blames Hackers
24th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from Topix
A woman walks out of an outlet of Dolce Gabbana in Shanghai, China Wednesday Nov. 21, 2018. Dolce Gabbana apologized Wednesday for insulting remarks about China it allegedly made in conversations on Instagram but denied that it was responsible,...
Prolific Email Hacker Looks To Serve Sentence In Home Country
24th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from Topix
The federal prison in Folkston has a significant population of foreign nationals who are serving time for committing federal offenses. In order to serve their remaining sentences in their home countries, these prisoners have to go through...
Azerbaijani Press: Russian Bank, Working With Karabakh Separatists, Rapidly Losing Partners, Clients
24th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from Topix
On Nov. 20, Uzbekistans Ipoteka Bank, just like a number of other financial companies, suspended cooperation with the Russian bank Unistream, Russias Kommersant newspaper reported. Some former partners of Unistream decided to block all...
How To Avoid The Latest Holiday Scams
24th Nov 2018 [19 days ago] from Topix
Retailers arent the only ones who spend the year planning for the all-important holiday shopping season. Criminals also do advance work to scam money from unsuspecting consumers caught up in the holiday rush. Fraudsters collect as much...
Google Makes Good On Promise To Remove Some Symantec PKI Certificates
23rd Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
I was updating some online passwords this week when I ran across the following digital certificate error when trying to access my cable providers website, brighthouse.com, using Google Chrome: Over the last few years digital certificate...
Gmail Encryption: Everything You Need To Know
22nd Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
This easy-to-follow guide will help you understand whats going on with Gmail encryption and what you can do to maximize your messaging privacy. Encryption may sound like a subject best left to hackers and tinfoil hat wearers, but dont be...
Home Buyer Closing Scam Costs Alabama Family $250K
22nd Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
Its known as the Closing Cost Scam. Home buyers are tricked into sending thousands of dollars to cyberthieves who intercept emails.
In Win For Brooks Kushman Client Ancora Technologies, Federal Circuit ...
22nd Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
On November 16, 2018, the U.S. Court Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that a software security patent owned by Ancora Technologies, Inc. claims eligible subject matter under 35 U.S.C. 101. The decision reversed a district court ruling...
The Advantages Of Commercial Cloud-Based Surveillance Security
22nd Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
In the US, more than 35 million cameras reduce crime and provide business owners with a sense of security. However, recent security breaches and distributed denial-of-service attacks originating from these devices have turned them into...
Whiz Kid Allegedly Hacks SF Mans Phone, Steals $1M
22nd Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
A 21-year-old Manhattan man was arrested after allegedly hacking into Silicon Valley executives cell phones and attempting to steal their cryptocurrency, according to multiple reports. A 21-year-old Manhattan man was arrested after allegedly...
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