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California Students Say Theyre Deeply Disappointed After Voters Cast Ballots Against Affirmative Action
8th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from Yahoo News
It would have been a game-changer in increasing diversity and representation at UC, one student from UCLA said of the rejected Proposition 16.
How Newspapers Around The World Covered Bidens Win
8th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from Yahoo News
The election of Joe Biden was splashed across the front pages of newspapers in the United States and around the world on Sunday, a day after major media outlets called the 2020 presidential race in Biden’s favor.
Romney: A Graceful Departure Is Not In Trumps Nature
8th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from Yahoo News
Mitt Romney knows something about losing a presidential race: He has lost twice before. He says to expect President Trumps departure be different.
Surgeon Who Saved Biden’s Life Recalls Fateful Prediction
8th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
Dr. Neal Kassell was standing by the door to the operating room when then-Sen. Joe Biden was wheeled in for a second aneurysm operation in May 1988.Biden reached up from the gurney and grabbed the neurosurgeon’s arm.“He looked me in...
Young Murder Victim Helps Solve Her Own Cold Case
8th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
The 1979 case of a murdered 18-year-old baffled local police officers for decades, until they got a break from evidence Michelle Martinko left behind.
Joe Biden Seemingly Makes Swipe At Donald Trump’s Infamous MAGA Slogan In Victory Speech
8th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
Joe Biden appeared to take President Donald Trump’s infamous MAGA slogan and make it into his own when giving his acceptance speech in Wilmington, Delaware, on Saturday evening. When addressing Americans, the president-elect vowed to...
AOC Said She Might Quit Politics, As Some Centrist Democrats Blame Progressives For House Losses, NYT Says
8th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
I dont even know if I want to be in politics, she reportedly told The Times. She said the Democratic party has been hostile to progressive causes.
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Changed Their Twitter Bios To Reflect Their White House Victories
7th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
Biden and Harris Twitter bios now say President-Elect and Vice President-Elect of the United States, respectively.
President-elect Joe Biden Is Planning Executive Orders That Would Sweepingly Reverse Trumps Biggest Policies
7th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
President-elect Joe Biden is prepared to issue a series of executive orders after taking office that would reverse some of President Trumps most noteworthy policies, including his controversial Muslim ban, his crackdown on DREAMers, and...
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Pans Biden Victory Celebrations As ‘super Spreader’ Events
7th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from Yahoo News
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is scolding Joe Biden for withholding comment about the spontaneous mass gatherings popping up all across the country to celebrate his victory over Donald Trump. From New York to DC to San Francisco,...
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