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Security News from 'McAfee Labs'
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RDP Stands For “Really DO Patch!” – Understanding The Wormable RDP Vulnerability CVE-2019-0708
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
During Microsoft’s May Patch Tuesday cycle, a security advisory was released for a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). What was unique in this particular patch cycle was that Microsoft produced a fix for Windows XP and...
LockerGoga Ransomware Family Used In Targeted Attacks
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Co-authored by Marc RiveroLopez. Initial discovery Once again, we have seen a significant new ransomware family in the news. LockerGoga, which adds new features to the tried and true formula of encrypting victims’ files and asking for...
IoT Zero-Days – Is Belkin WeMo Smart Plug The Next Malware Target?
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Effective malware is typically developed with intention, targeting specific victims using either known or unknown vulnerabilities to achieve its primary functions. In this blog, we will explore a vulnerability submitted by McAfee Advanced...
Analysis Of A Chrome Zero Day: CVE-2019-5786
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
1. Introduction On March 1st, Google published an advisory [1] for a use-after-free in the Chrome implementation of the FileReader API (CVE 2019-5786). Clement Lecigne from Google Threat Analysis Group reported the bug as being exploited...
Attackers Exploiting WinRAR UNACEV2.DLL Vulnerability (CVE-2018-20250)
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Earlier this month Check Point Research reported discovery of a 19 year old code execution vulnerability in the wildly popular WinRAR compression tool. Rarlab reports that that are over 500 million users of this program. While a patched...
McAfee Protects Against Suspicious Email Attachments
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Email remains a top vector for attackers.  Over the years, defenses have evolved, and policy-based protections have become standard for email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Mail.  Such policies are highly effective,...
JAVA-VBS Joint Exercise Delivers RAT
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
The Adwind remote administration tool (RAT) is a Java-based backdoor Trojan that targets various platforms supporting Java files. For an infection to occur, the user must typically execute the malware by double-clicking on the .jar file...
Your Smart Coffee Maker Is Brewing Up Trouble
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
IOT devices are notoriously insecure and this claim can be backed up with a laundry list of examples. With more devices “needing” to connect to the internet, the possibility of your WiFi enabled toaster getting hacked and tweeting...
What’s In The Box?
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
2018 was another record-setting year in the continuing trend for consumer online shopping.  With an increase in technology and efficiency, and a decrease in cost and shipping time, consumers have clearly made a statement that shopping...
Ryuk, Exploring The Human Connection
18th Feb 2021 [16 days ago] from McAfee Labs
In collaboration with Bill Siegel and Alex Holdtman from Coveware. At the beginning of 2019, McAfee ATR published an article describing how the hasty attribution of Ryuk ransomware to North Korea was missing the point. Since then, collective...
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