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Security News from 'Microsoft'
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Hunting Down Dofoil With Windows Defender ATP
4th Apr 2018 [8 months ago] from Microsoft
Dofoil is a sophisticated threat that attempted to install coin miner malware on hundreds of thousands of computers in March, 2018. In previous blog posts we detailed how behavior monitoring and machine learning in Windows Defender AV protected...
Take These Steps To Stay Safe From Counterfeit Software And Fraudulent Subscriptions
2nd Apr 2018 [8 months ago] from Microsoft
This post is authored by Matt Lundy, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft. Software piracy and fraudulent subscriptions are serious, industry-wide problems affecting consumers and organizations around the world. In 2016, 39 percent of all...
Working Towards A More Diverse Future In Security
28th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
Last year I embarked on an exercise to examine diversity in cybersecurity. As one full year has passed, I decided to revisit this topic and the ongoing challenges of recruiting AND retaining diverse talent in the cybersecurity field. This...
Filling The Gaps In International Law Is Essential To Making Cyberspace A Safer Place
27th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
A month ago, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, Microsoft organized an expert workshop to discuss gaps in international law as it applies to cyberspace. We were fortunate enough to bring together twenty leading stakeholders,...
Why Windows Defender Antivirus Is The Most Deployed In The Enterprise
22nd Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
Statistics about the success and sophistication of malware can be daunting. The following figure is no different: Approximately 96% of all malware is polymorphic meaning that it is only experienced by a single user and device before it...
Accelerate Your Security Deployment With FastTrack For Microsoft 365
20th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
This blog is part of a series that responds to common questions we receive from customers about Microsoft 365 Security and Enterprise Mobility + Security. In this series youll find context, answers, and guidance for deployment and driving...
Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 23 Is Now Available
15th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
As security incidents and events keep making headlines, Microsoft is committed to helping our customers and the rest of the security community to make sense of the risks and offer recommendations. Old and new malware continues to get propagated...
Sharing Research And Discoveries At PWN2OWN
14th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
The annual PWN2OWN exploit contest at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, brings together some of the top security talent from across the globe in a friendly competition. For the participants, these events...
Poisoned Peer-to-peer App Kicked Off Dofoil Coin Miner Outbreak
13th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
On March 7, we reported that a massive Dofoil campaign attempted to install malicious cryptocurrency miners on hundreds of thousands of computers. Windows Defender Antivirus, with its behavior monitoring, machine learning technologies,...
Invisible Resource Thieves: The Increasing Threat Of Cryptocurrency Miners
13th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
The surge in Bitcoin prices has driven widescale interest in cryptocurrencies. While the future of digital currencies is uncertain, they are shaking up the cybersecurity landscape as they continue to influence the intent and nature of attacks....
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