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Security News from 'The Register'
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Forget Biz Insider Threats For A Moment – Lets Talk About Partners Turning Rogue And Installing Spyware On Phones
11th Jun 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
Light shined on lack of privacy controls for stalkerware Analysis  Cybersecurity vendors have long warned of insider threats in corporate environments, but less attention has been paid to an insider threat closer to home: abusive partners...
Now Youve Done It: Cyber Attack Targeted Australian Brewery N Dairy Biz Lion
11th Jun 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
Coming between a Reg reader and their beer is the worst crime of all Australian brewery Lion has suspended production, threatening the flow of beer across the continent-country, after a “cyber attack” struck down its IT systems.…
Russia-linked Gamaredon Hacker Crew Using Microsofts Visual Basic For Applications To Pwn Microsofts Outlook
11th Jun 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
From targeting Ukraine to random mailboxes: how the mighty have fallen Security researchers claim to have uncovered "several previously undocumented post-compromise tools" used by a Russia-linked APT to target Microsoft Office and Outlook...
How To Scale Endpoint Management, Improve Employee Productivity And Reduce Costs
10th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Intel vPro platform has massive armoury at your disposal Sponsored  Life is getting more complicated for IT professionals responsible for managing endpoint hardware. An expanding number of devices are connecting to the corporate network...
Tencent Floats Bug Bounties For Its Cloudy Linux And IoT OSes
10th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
CentOS-based code should already be pretty-well explored, but Chinese test isn’t exactly trusted right now ... Tencent has announced a bug bounty program for its operating systems.…
Another Month, Another Way To Smash Intels SGX Security. Lets Take A Closer Look At These Latest Holes... Which Arent Actually Too Scary
10th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Plus: 10nm five-core 3GHz Lakefield system-on-chips announced Analysis  Intels Software Guard Extensions, known as SGX among friends, consist of a set of instructions for running a secure enclave inside an encrypted memory partition using...
Keepnet Kerfuffle: Firing Legal Threats At Bloggers Did Infosec Biz More Damage Than Its Exposed Database
10th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
UK outfit gets a Streisand effect 101 Comment  UK-based infosec outfit Keepnet Labs left an 867GB database of previously compromised website login credentials accessible to world+dog earlier this year – then sent lawyers letters to bloggers...
Readers Of A Certain Age Will Remember GPRS: Old Insecure Code From Turn Of Millennium Still Haunts 5G Networks
10th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Positive Technologies analysts less than positive about GTP Long-standing vulnerabilities in older wireless broadband standards will continue to dog new 5G networks, despite efforts to improve network security, a new report has claimed.…...
Lettuce Encrypt, Encrypt We Must: Hobby Projects Change Name After Lets Encrypt Fires Off Trademark Complaints
10th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from The Register
Ones best served cold with ranch and carrots, the other turns to Yoda Speak An open-source project for automating the installation of free Lets Encrypt certificates for websites built with Microsofts ASP.NET Core framework was forced to...
An Internet Of Trouble Lies Ahead As Root Certificates Begin To Expire En Masse, Warns Security Researcher
10th Jun 2020 [30 days ago] from The Register
This is going to be a problem; we are not on top of this Interview  Expiring root certificates will cause devices like smart TVs and refrigerators to fail in the next few years, security researcher Scott Helme has warned.…
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