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Google Pixel 4 Hands-on: Once Again, Its About Features, Not Design
15th Oct 2019 [10 hours ago] from PCWorld
After months of leaks, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the Pixel 4 would look like when I picked one up for the first time, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the bezels are huge, the forehead and chin are terribly asymmetrical,...
Theyre Back: Windows 7 Popup Warnings To Update To Windows 10 Will Soon Reappear
15th Oct 2019 [12 hours ago] from PCWorld
Windows 7 support expires on January 14, 2020. And if you’re a Windows 7 Pro user, Microsoft is going to tell you that right on your PC screen via a popup notification.In March, Microsoft warned that it would begin using popup reminders...
Disco Elysium Review-in-progress: This Deep Detective RPG Bends Itself Around Your Choices
15th Oct 2019 [12 hours ago] from PCWorld
There has been a murder. Last week a man was hanged behind the Whirling-In-Rags hostel (and cafeteria). I know who did it, but I need to confirm why they did it, so I head to the docks to ask some questions.Or at least that was my intention....
Try Out The Google Pixel 4s Recorder Transcription Tech Now, On Your Own Phone
15th Oct 2019 [13 hours ago] from PCWorld
Google’s forthcoming Recorder app promises to both record and transcribe audio into text within the Pixel 4. But you don’t have to wait—you can check out Google’s underlying speech-to-text technology right now, right on your own...
Nest Wifis Integrated Smart Speakers Could Give It An Edge Over Amazon Echo
15th Oct 2019 [15 hours ago] from PCWorld
It’s been a long three years since Google introduced its Google Wifi mesh router. After a messy reorganization in which Nest lost its semi-autonomy to become Google’s smart home brand, the company introduced the new Nest Wifi at its...
Google Pixel 4: The 5 Things You Really Need To Know
15th Oct 2019 [15 hours ago] from PCWorld
Google finally unveiled the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL at its Made By Google event in New York City today, and frankly, there weren’t many surprises left after months of leaks and teases, many by Google itself.A lack of surprises doesn’t...
Google Nest Mini Arrives With Same Design As Home Mini, Better Sound, And A Wall Mount
15th Oct 2019 [15 hours ago] from PCWorld
The Google Nest Mini is basically the old Home Mini with better sound, a wall mount, and more under-the-hood processing power.
Google Pixelbook Go: The 5 Major Things You Need To Know
15th Oct 2019 [16 hours ago] from PCWorld
Google’s new Pixelbook Go answers the question of whether its next Chromebook would be a budget or premium device: It’s both. Priced at a somewhat moderate $649, this clamshell Chromebook offers a 13.3-inch display, with processor options...
Google Takes A Second Stab At Pixel Buds With A True Wireless Design
15th Oct 2019 [16 hours ago] from PCWorld
Google’s Pixel Buds, first released in 2017, just couldn’t compete with better offerings from dedicated bud manufacturers, and stacked up even more poorly against Apple AirPods. Today, though, Google announced a Pixel Buds update slated...
What Makes The Ryzen 7 Surface Edition Inside The Surface Laptop 3 So Custom
15th Oct 2019 [20 hours ago] from PCWorld
Microsoft’s 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 running a “custom” AMD Ryzen CPU was one of the big surprises of Microsoft’s new Surface lineup, unveiled October 2.Although the chip is still under fairly tight wraps, PCWorld had a chance to...
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