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Hackers Steal US$41 Million Worth Of Bitcoin From Cryptocurrency Exchange
8th May 2019 [17 days ago] from ESET Research
The thieves bade their time before running off with more than 7,000 Bitcoin ‘in one fell swoop’ The post Hackers steal US$41 million worth of Bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchange appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
FLARE Script Series: Flare-dbg Plug-ins
8th May 2019 [17 days ago] from FireEye Research
IntroductionThis post continues the FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering(FLARE) script series. In this post, we continue to discuss the flare-dbg project. If you haven’t read my firstpost on using flare-dbg to automate stringdecoding,...
Working Together To Understand The Threat Landscape
8th May 2019 [17 days ago] from Zscaler
As a society, we are more connected than ever before. Our community is no longer just the people living nearby. It is now a global community, made up of disparate individuals connected not by proximity but by the internet. As in almost...
Dharma Ransomware Uses AV Tool To Distract From Malicious Activities
8th May 2019 [17 days ago] from TrendMicro
Trend Micro recently found new samples of Dharma ransomware using a new technique: using software installation as a distraction to help hide malicious activities. The post Dharma Ransomware Uses AV Tool to Distract from Malicious Activities...
What’s Behind The Wolters Kluwer Tax Outage?
7th May 2019 [18 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Early in the afternoon on Friday, May, 3, I asked a friend to relay a message to his security contact at CCH, the cloud-based tax division of the global information services firm Wolters Kluwer in the Netherlands. The message was that...
CVE-2019-3396 Redux: Confluence Vulnerability Exploited To Deliver Cryptocurrency Miner With Rootkit
7th May 2019 [18 days ago] from TrendMicro
We discovered the Confluence vulnerability CVE-2019-3396 being used to deliver a cryptocurrency-mining malware containing a rootkit that was designed to hide its activities. The post CVE-2019-3396 Redux: Confluence Vulnerability Exploited...
Turla LightNeuron: An Email Too Far
7th May 2019 [18 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET research uncovers Microsoft Exchange malware remotely controlled via steganographic PDF and JPG email attachments The post Turla LightNeuron: An email too far appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Feds Bust Up Dark Web Hub Wall Street Market
3rd May 2019 [22 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Federal investigators in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands announced today the arrest and charging of three German nationals and a Brazilian man as the alleged masterminds behind the Wall Street Market (WSM), one of the worlds...
Credit Union Sues Fintech Giant Fiserv Over Security Claims
3rd May 2019 [22 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
A Pennsylvania credit union is suing financial industry technology giant Fiserv, alleging that "baffling" security vulnerabilities in the companys software are "wreaking havoc" on its customers. The credit union said the investigation that...
Mirrorthief Group Uses Magecart Skimming Attack To Hit Hundreds Of Campus Online Stores In US And Canada
3rd May 2019 [22 days ago] from TrendMicro
We uncovered a recent activity involving the notorious online credit card skimming attack known as Magecart. The attack, facilitated by a new cybercrime group, impacted 201 online campus stores in the United States and Canada. The post...
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