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Transitioning To A Mass Remote Workforce – We Must Verify Before Trusting
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
While not a new practice, the sheer volume of people required to adhere to social distancing best practices means we now have a mass workforce working remotely. Most enterprises and SMBs can support working remotely today but many IT departments...
COVID-19 Threat Update – Now Includes Blood For Sale
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Although the use of global events as a vehicle to drive digital crime is hardly surprising, the current outbreak of COVID-19 has revealed a multitude of vectors, including one in particular that is somewhat out of the ordinary. In a sea...
Nemty Ransomware – Learning By Doing
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Executive Summary The McAfee Advanced Threat Research Team (ATR) observed a new ransomware family named ‘Nemty’ on 20 August 2019. We are in an era where ransomware developers face multiple struggles, from the great work done by the...
Ransomware Maze
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Maze ransomware, previously known in the community as “ChaCha ransomware”, was discovered on May the 29th 2019 by Jerome Segura[1]. The main goal of the ransomware is to crypt all files that it can in an infected...
Staying Safe While Working Remotely
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Special thanks to Tim Hux and Sorcha Healy for their assistance. The demand for remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will invariably place pressures on organizations to ensure the availability of corporate resources in geographic...
SMBGhost – Analysis Of CVE-2020-0796
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
The Vulnerability The latest vulnerability in SMBv3 is a “wormable” vulnerability given its potential ability to replicate or spread over network shares using the latest version of the protocol (SMB 3.1.1). As of this writing, Microsoft...
Android/LeifAccess.A Is The Silent Fake Reviewer Trojan
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
The McAfee Mobile Research team has identified an Android malware family dubbed Android/LeifAccess.A that has been active since May 2019. This trojan was discovered globally with localized versions but  has a much higher prevalence in...
Multi-tricks HiddenAds Malware
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Thousands of HiddenAds Trojan Apps Masquerade as Google Play Apps The McAfee mobile research team has recently discovered a new variant of the HiddenAds Trojan. HiddenAds Trojan is an adware app used to display advertising and collect...
CSI: Evidence Indicators For Targeted Ransomware Attacks – Part II
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
In our first article we discussed the growing pattern of targeted ransomware attacks where the first infection stage is often an info-stealer kind of malware used to gain credentials/access to determine if the target would be valuable...
Model Hacking ADAS To Pave Safer Roads For Autonomous Vehicles
18th Feb 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
The last several years have been fascinating for those of us who have been eagerly observing the steady move towards autonomous driving. While semi-autonomous vehicles have existed for many years, the vision of fleets of fully autonomous...
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