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Murkios Bot Drops Files And Controls System Remotely
21st Feb 2019 [29 days ago] from Zscaler
The Zscaler ThreatLabZ team came across the Murkios bot, which silently installs itself onto a user’s system and connects to a command-and-control (CC) server by opening Secure Shell (SSH) terminals from the compromised system. This bot...
Lessons Learned From The Microsoft SOC—Part 1: Organization
21st Feb 2019 [29 days ago] from Microsoft
In the first of our three part series, we provide tips on how to manage a security operations center (SOC) to be more responsive, effective, and collaborative. The post Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC—Part 1: Organization appeared...
Why The Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative Is A Critical Step
21st Feb 2019 [29 days ago] from Microsoft
Working together with government to push a more coordinated effort around infrastructure securityparticularly pipelines and utilitiesis critical. The new Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative will help ensure that additional resources, information-sharing,...
New Breed Of Fuel Pump Skimmer Uses SMS And Bluetooth
21st Feb 2019 [29 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Fraud investigators say theyve uncovered a sophisticated new breed of credit card skimmers being installed at gas pumps that is capable of relaying stolen card data via mobile text message, thereby enabling fraudsters to collect it from...
How Costly Are Sweetheart Swindles?
21st Feb 2019 [29 days ago] from ESET Research
And that’s on top of the heartache experienced by the tens of thousands of people who fall for romance scams each year The post How costly are sweetheart swindles? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Monero Miner-Malware Uses RADMIN, MIMIKATZ To Infect, Propagate Via Vulnerability
20th Feb 2019 [one month ago] from TrendMicro
We noticed a sudden increase in hack tool installation attempts from various industries in China, Taiwan, Italy and Hong Kong. We found a trojan combining RADMIN and MIMIKATZ to drop a Monero miner by exploiting MS17-010 for propagation,...
Siegeware: When Criminals Take Over Your Smart Building
20th Feb 2019 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Siegeware is what you get when cybercriminals mix the concept of ransomware with building automation systems: abuse of equipment control software to threaten access to physical facilities The post Siegeware: When criminals take over your...
Switzerland Offers Cash For Finding Security Holes In Its E-voting System
19th Feb 2019 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Anybody with hacking prowess can take a crack at reading votes or even rigging the vote count itself The post Switzerland offers cash for finding security holes in its e-voting system appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Criminal Hacking Hits Managed Service Providers: Reasons And Responses
19th Feb 2019 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Recent news articles show that MSPs are now being targeted by criminals, and for a variety of nefarious reasons. Why is this happening, and what should MSPs do about it? The post Criminal hacking hits Managed Service Providers: Reasons...
Google: Here’s How We Cracked Down On Bad Apps Last Year
18th Feb 2019 [one month ago] from ESET Research
Apps downloaded from Google Play were eight times less likely to compromise a device than apps from other sources The post Google: Here’s how we cracked down on bad apps last year appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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