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How To Spot If Your Password Was Stolen In A Security Breach
27th Feb 2019 [23 days ago] from ESET Research
Following the revelation that a list containing millions of stolen usernames and passwords had appeared online, we tell you a few different ways to find out if your credentials were stolen in that—or any other—security breach The post...
Drupal Vulnerability (CVE-2019-6340) Can Be Exploited For Remote Code Execution
27th Feb 2019 [24 days ago] from TrendMicro
The content management framework Drupal recently fixed a vulnerability (CVE-2019-6340) in their core software, identified as SA-CORE-2019-003. The flaw is categorized as highly critical, exposing vulnerable installations to unauthenticated...
Former Russian Cybersecurity Chief Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison
26th Feb 2019 [24 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
A Russian court has handed down lengthy prison terms for two men convicted on treason charges for allegedly sharing information about Russian cybercriminals with U.S. law enforcement officials. The men -- a former Russian cyber intelligence...
Analyzing WordPress Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities CVE-2019-8942 And CVE-2019-8943
26th Feb 2019 [24 days ago] from TrendMicro
On February 19, 2019, Simon Scannell of RIPS Technologies published his findings on core vulnerabilities in WordPress that can lead to remote code execution (RCE). These have been assigned as CVE-2019-8942 and CVE-2019-8943. In a nutshell,...
Google Aims For Password-free App And Site Logins On Android
26th Feb 2019 [24 days ago] from ESET Research
With FIDO2 certification for Android, Google is setting the stage for password-less app and website sign-ins on a billion devices The post Google aims for password-free app and site logins on Android appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Escalating DNS Attacks Have Domain Name Steward Worried
25th Feb 2019 [25 days ago] from ESET Research
The keeper of the internet’s ‘phone book’ is urging a speedy adoption of security-enhancing DNS specifications The post Escalating DNS attacks have domain name steward worried appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Payroll Provider Gives Extortionists A Payday
23rd Feb 2019 [27 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Payroll software provider Apex Human Capital Management suffered a ransomware attack this week that severed payroll management services for hundreds of the companys customers for nearly three days. Faced with the threat of an extended outage,...
Recommendations For Deploying The Latest Attack Surface Reduction Rules For Maximum Impact
22nd Feb 2019 [28 days ago] from Microsoft
The keystone to good security hygiene is limiting your attack surface. Attack surface reduction is a technique to remove or constrain exploitable behaviors in your systems. In this blog, we discuss the two attack surface reduction rules...
Cyber-extortionists Take Aim At Lucrative Targets
22nd Feb 2019 [28 days ago] from ESET Research
A new report shines some light on multiple aspects of the growing threat of cyber-extortion The post Cyber-extortionists take aim at lucrative targets appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
ML-era In Cybersecurity: A Step Toward A Safer World Or The Brink Of Chaos?
22nd Feb 2019 [28 days ago] from ESET Research
As the use of this technology grows so to does the risk that attackers may hijack it The post ML-era in cybersecurity: A step toward a safer world or the brink of chaos? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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