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“Fool’s Gold”: Questionable Vaccines, Bogus Results, And Forged Cards
11th May 2021 [8 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Preface Countries all over the world are racing to achieve so-called herd immunity against COVID-19 by vaccinating their populations. From the initial lockdown to the cancellation of events and the prohibition of business travel, to the...
Check Your Pulse: Suspected APT Actors Leverage Authentication Bypass Techniques And Pulse Secure Zero-Day
10th May 2021 [8 days ago] from FireEye Research
Executive SummaryMandiant recently responded to multiple security incidentsinvolving compromises of Pulse Secure VPN appliances. Thisblog post examines multiple, related techniques for bypassing singleand multifactor authentication on Pulse...
Roaming Mantis Amplifies Smishing Campaign With OS-Specific Android Malware
5th May 2021 [13 days ago] from McAfee Labs
The Roaming Mantis smishing campaign has been impersonating a logistics company to steal SMS messages and contact lists from Asian Android users since 2018. In the second half of 2020, the campaign improved its effectiveness by adopting...
How To Stop The Popups
5th May 2021 [13 days ago] from McAfee Labs
McAfee is tracking an increase in the use of deceptive popups that mislead some users into taking action, while annoying many others.  A significant portion is attributed to browser-based push notifications, and while there are a couple...
Steps To Discover Hidden Threat From Phishing Email
5th May 2021 [13 days ago] from McAfee Labs
Introduction Email is one of the primary ways of communication in the modern world. We use email to receive notifications about our online shopping, financial transaction, credit card e-statements, one-time passwords to authenticate registration...
The UNC2529 Triple Double: A Trifecta Phishing Campaign
5th May 2021 [14 days ago] from FireEye Research
In December 2020, Mandiant observed a widespread, global phishingcampaign targeting numerous organizations across an array ofindustries. Mandiant tracks this threat actor as UNC2529.Based on the considerable infrastructure employed, tailored...
Hacking Operational Technology For Defense: Lessons Learned From OT Red Teaming Smart Meter Control Infrastructure
13th Apr 2021 [one month ago] from FireEye Research
High-profile security incidents in the past decade have broughtincreased scrutiny to cyber security for operational technology (OT).However, there is a continued perception across criticalinfrastructure organizations that OT networks are...
M-Trends 2021: A View From The Front Lines
13th Apr 2021 [one month ago] from FireEye Research
We are thrilled to launch M-Trends2021, the 12th edition of our annual FireEyeMandiant publication. The past year has been unique, as we witnessedan unprecedented combination of global events. Business operationsshifted in response to the...
McAfee Labs Report Reveals Latest COVID-19 Threats And Malware Surges
13th Apr 2021 [one month ago] from McAfee Labs
The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team today published the McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2021. In this edition, we present new findings in our traditional threat statistical categories – as well as our usual malware, sectors, and...
BRATA Keeps Sneaking Into Google Play, Now Targeting USA And Spain
12th Apr 2021 [one month ago] from McAfee Labs
Recently, the McAfee Mobile Research Team uncovered several new variants of the Android malware family BRATA being distributed in Google Play, ironically posing as app security scanners. These malicious apps urge users to update Chrome,...
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