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Streaming Devices Track Viewing Habits, Study Finds
15th Oct 2019 [4 days ago] from ESET Research
Do you know what kind of data your streaming device may be collecting while you binge watch? The post Streaming devices track viewing habits, study finds appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
LOWKEY: Hunting For The Missing Volume Serial ID
15th Oct 2019 [4 days ago] from FireEye Research
In August 2019, FireEye released the “DoubleDragon” report on our newest graduated threat group: APT41. AChina-nexus dual espionage and financially-focused group, APT41targets industries such as gaming, healthcare, high-tech, highereducation,...
“BriansClub” Hack Rescues 26M Stolen Cards
15th Oct 2019 [4 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
"BriansClub," a popular underground store for buying stolen credit card data that uses Yours Trulys likeness in its advertising, has itself been hacked. The data stolen from BriansClub encompasses more than 26 million credit and debit card...
Connecting The Dots: Exposing The Arsenal And Methods Of The Winnti Group
14th Oct 2019 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
New ESET white paper released describing updates to the malware arsenal and campaigns of this group known for its supply-chain attacks The post Connecting the dots: Exposing the arsenal and methods of the Winnti Group appeared first on...
EU Warns Of Cyber‑risks As 5G Looms
11th Oct 2019 [8 days ago] from ESET Research
What are the scenarios that may prove to be challenging to manage in the 5G world? The post EU warns of cyber‑risks as 5G looms appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Staying Hidden On The Endpoint: Evading Detection With Shellcode
10th Oct 2019 [9 days ago] from FireEye Research
True red team assessments require a secondary objective of avoidingdetection. Part of the glory of a successful red team assessment isnot getting detected by anything or anyone on the system. As modernEndpoint Detection and Response (EDR)...
Examining The Ryuk Ransomware
10th Oct 2019 [9 days ago] from Zscaler
Ryuk ransomware had a disturbingly successful debut, being used to hit at least three organizations in its first two months of activity for more than $640,000 in ransom. Several attacks followed, where the attackers demanded even greater...
CVE-2019-16928: Exploiting An Exim Vulnerability Via EHLO Strings
10th Oct 2019 [9 days ago] from TrendMicro
In September, security researchers discovered the existence of CVE-2019-16928, a vulnerability involving the mail transfer agent Exim. Exim accounts for over 50% of publicly reachable mail servers on the internet. What makes the bug particularly...
Mahalo FIN7: Responding To The Criminal Operators’ New Tools And Techniques
10th Oct 2019 [9 days ago] from FireEye Research
During several recent incident response engagements, FireEye Mandiantinvestigators uncovered new tools in FIN7’s malware arsenal and keptpace as theglobal criminal operators attempted new evasion techniques. Inthis blog, we reveal two...
ESET Discovers Attor, A Spy Platform With Curious GSM Fingerprinting
10th Oct 2019 [9 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers discover a previously unreported cyberespionage platform used in targeted attacks against privacy-concerned users in diplomatic missions and governmental institutions The post ESET discovers Attor, a spy platform with curious...
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