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Finding Evil In Windows 10 Compressed Memory, Part One: Volatility And Rekall Tools
25th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from FireEye Research
Paging all digital forensicators, incident responders, and memorymanager enthusiasts! Have you ever found yourself at a client siteworking around the clock to extract evil from a Windows 10 image? Haveyou hit the wall at step zero, running...
The Unsexy Threat To Election Security
25th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Much has been written about the need to further secure our elections, from ensuring the integrity of voting machines to combating fake news. But according to a report quietly issued by a California grand jury this week, more attention needs...
Streaming Service Endures 13‑day DDoS Raid
25th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
The attack, unleashed by a 400,000-strong Mirai-style botnet, may be the largest of its kind on record The post Streaming service endures 13‑day DDoS raid appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
New Machine Learning Model Sifts Through The Good To Unearth The Bad In Evasive Malware
25th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from Microsoft
Most machine learning models are trained on a mix of malicious and clean features. Attackers routinely try to throw these models off balance by stuffing clean features into malware. Monotonic models are resistant against adversarial attacks...
Neo-Nazi SWATters Target Dozens Of Journalists
24th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Nearly three dozen journalists at a broad range of major publications have been targeted by a far-right group that maintains a Deep Web database listing the personal information of people who threaten their views. This group specializes...
Data Breaches Can Haunt Firms For Years
24th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
The compromised company may bear the financial brunt of the breach within the first year after the incident occurs, but the price tag is still far from final The post Data breaches can haunt firms for years appeared first on...
Multistage Attack Delivers BillGates/Setag Backdoor, Can Turn Elasticsearch Databases Into DDoS Botnet ‘Zombies’
23rd Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from TrendMicro
Elasticsearch is no stranger to cybercriminal abuse given its popularity and use to organizations. In fact, this year’s first quarter saw a surge of attacks — whether by exploiting vulnerabilities or taking advantage of security gaps...
What You Should Know About The Equifax Data Breach Settlement
22nd Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Big-three credit bureau Equifax has reportedly agreed to pay at least $650 million to settle lawsuits stemming from a 2017 breach that let intruders steal personal and financial data on roughly 148 million Americans. Heres a brief primer...
VLC Player Has A Critical Flaw – And There’s No Patch Yet
22nd Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
On the flip side, there are currently no known cases of the vulnerability being exploited in the wild The post VLC player has a critical flaw – and theres no patch yet appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Firm INSYNQ Hit In Ransomware Attack
19th Jul 2019 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Cloud hosting provider iNSYNQ says it is trying to recover from a ransomware attack that shut down its network and has left customers unable to access their accounting data for the past three days. Unfortunately for iNSYNQ, the company...
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