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FEMA IT Specialist Charged In ID Theft, Tax Refund Fraud Conspiracy
18th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
An information technology specialist at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was arrested this week on suspicion of hacking into the human resource databases of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in 2014, stealing...
Ripple20 Bugs Expose Hundreds Of Millions Of Devices To Attacks
17th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
Devices used in the energy, transportation and communications sectors are also affected by the flaws in the TCP/IP software library The post Ripple20 bugs expose hundreds of millions of devices to attacks appeared first on...
Operation In(ter)ception: Aerospace And Military Companies In The Crosshairs Of Cyberspies
17th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers uncover targeted attacks against high-profile aerospace and military companies The post Operation In(ter)ception: Aerospace and military companies in the crosshairs of cyberspies appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
When Security Takes A Backseat To Productivity
17th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
"We must care as much about securing our systems as we care about running them if we are to make the necessary revolutionary change." -CIAs Wikileaks Task Force.So ends a key section of a report the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency produced...
Survey Shows Rise In Robocalls Amid COVID‑19 Fears
16th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
The unsolicited phone calls tout everything from miracle cures to financial relief – heres how you can stay safe The post Survey shows rise in robocalls amid COVID‑19 fears appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Warning Issued Over Hackable Security Cameras
15th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
The owners of the vulnerable indoor cameras are advised to unplug the devices immediately The post Warning issued over hackable security cameras appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
FLARE IDA Pro Script Series: MSDN Annotations Plugin For Malware Analysis
15th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from FireEye Research
The FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) Team continuesto share knowledge and tools with the community. We started this blogseries with a script for AutomaticRecovery of Constructed Strings in Malware. As always, you candownload...
Privnotes.com Is Phishing Bitcoin From Users Of Private Messaging Service Privnote.com
13th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from Krebsonsecurity
For the past year, a site called Privnotes.com has been impersonating Privnote.com, a legitimate, free service that offers private, encrypted messages which self-destruct automatically after they are read. Until recently, I couldnt quite...
New Android Spyware ActionSpy Revealed Via Phishing Attacks From Earth Empusa
11th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from TrendMicro
While tracking Earth Empura, also known as POISON CARP/Evil Eye, we identified an undocumented Android spyware we have named ActionSpy (detected by Trend Micro as AndroidOS_ActionSpy.HRX). During the first quarter of 2020, we observed Earth...
Gamaredon Group Grows Its Game
11th Jun 2020 [2 months ago] from ESET Research
Active APT group adds cunning remote template injectors for Word and Excel documents; unique Outlook mass-mailing macro The post Gamaredon group grows its game appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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