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Healthcare: Research Data And PII Continuously Targeted By Multiple Threat Actors
23rd Aug 2019 [7 hours ago] from FireEye Research
The healthcare industry faces a range of threat groups and maliciousactivity. Given the critical role that healthcare plays within societyand its relationship with our most sensitive information, the risk tothis sector is especially consequential....
Gartner Names Microsoft A Leader In 2019 Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant
23rd Aug 2019 [10 hours ago] from Microsoft
Gartner named Microsoft a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms positioned highest in execution The post Gartner names Microsoft a Leader in 2019 Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant appeared...
Cyberbullying: What Schools And Teachers Can Do
23rd Aug 2019 [16 hours ago] from ESET Research
How schools and educators can address and help prevent abusive behavior on the internet The post Cyberbullying: What schools and teachers can do appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Breach At Hy-Vee Supermarket Chain Tied To Sale Of 5M+ Stolen Credit, Debit Cards
22nd Aug 2019 [28 hours ago] from Krebsonsecurity
On Tuesday of this week, one of the more popular underground stores peddling credit and debit card data stolen from hacked merchants announced a blockbuster new sale: More than 5.3 million new accounts belonging to cardholders from 35 U.S....
Asruex Backdoor Variant Infects Word Documents And PDFs Through Old MS Office And Adobe Vulnerabilities
22nd Aug 2019 [37 hours ago] from TrendMicro
Since it first emerged in 2015, Asruex has been known for its backdoor capabilities and connection to the spyware DarkHotel. However, when we encountered Asruex in a PDF file, we found that a variant of the malware can also act as an infector...
First‑of‑its‑kind Spyware Sneaks Into Google Play
22nd Aug 2019 [41 hours ago] from ESET Research
ESET analysis breaks down the first known spyware that is built on the AhMyth open-source espionage tool and has appeared on Google Play – twice The post First‑of‑its‑kind spyware sneaks into Google Play appeared first...
IBackDoor: High-risk Code Sneaks Into The App Store
21st Aug 2019 [46 hours ago] from FireEye Research
The library embeds backdoors in unsuspecting apps that make use of itto display ads, exposing sensitive data and functionality. Thebackdoors can be controlled remotely by loading JavaScript code fromremote servers to perform the following...
Forced Password Reset? Check Your Assumptions
21st Aug 2019 [3 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Almost weekly now I hear from an indignant reader who suspects a data breach at a Web site they frequent that has just asked the reader to reset their password. Further investigation almost invariably reveals that the password reset demand...
Education And Privacy Legislation At ChannelCon
21st Aug 2019 [3 days ago] from ESET Research
As education is set to become an increasingly vital tool in companies’ security toolboxes, the question arises: How can they effectively implement security awareness training? The post Education and privacy legislation at ChannelCon appeared...
One Simple Action You Can Take To Prevent 99.9 Percent Of Attacks On Your Accounts
20th Aug 2019 [3 days ago] from Microsoft
Learn about common vulnerabilities and what you can do to protect your company from attacks. The post One simple action you can take to prevent 99.9 percent of attacks on your accounts appeared first on Microsoft Security.
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