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It’s Your Money And They Want It Now — The Cycle Of Adversary Pursuit
31st Mar 2020 [16 hours ago] from FireEye Research
When we discover new intrusions, we ask ourselves questions that willhelp us understand the totality of the activity set.How common is this activity? Is there anything unique or specialabout this malware or campaign? What is new and what...
Have You Backed Up Your Smartphone Lately?
31st Mar 2020 [22 hours ago] from ESET Research
With World Backup Day upon us, we walk you through the ways to back up your iPhone or Android phone so that your personal data remains safe The post Have you backed up your smartphone lately? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Annual Protest To ‘Fight Krebs’ Raises €150K+
30th Mar 2020 [38 hours ago] from Krebsonsecurity
In 2018, KrebsOnSecurity unmasked the creators of Coinhive -- a now-defunct cryptocurrency mining service that was being massively abused by cybercriminals -- as the administrators of a popular German language image-hosting forum. In protest...
Work From Home: Videoconferencing With Security In Mind
30th Mar 2020 [40 hours ago] from ESET Research
With COVID-19 concerns canceling face-to-face meetings, be aware of the security risks of videoconferencing and how to easily overcome them The post Work from home: Videoconferencing with security in mind appeared first on...
Social Engineering Based On Stimulus Bill And COVID-19 Financial Compensation Schemes Expected To Grow In Coming Weeks
27th Mar 2020 [5 days ago] from FireEye Research
Given the community interest and media coverage surrounding theeconomic stimulus bill currently being considered by the United StatesHouse of Representatives, we anticipate attackers will increasinglyleverage lures tailored to the new stimulus...
What Happens When The Global Supply Chain Breaks?
27th Mar 2020 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
If we can’t secure the supply chain, eventually everything else will break The post What happens when the global supply chain breaks? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
6 Tips For Safe And Secure Remote Working
26th Mar 2020 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
Getting cybersecurity right in the work-from-home world can feel daunting. ESET Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe shares 6 best practices that will steer you in the right direction. The post 6 tips for safe and secure remote working...
Russians Shut Down Huge Card Fraud Ring
26th Mar 2020 [6 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Federal investigators in Russia have charged at least 25 people accused of operating a sprawling international credit card theft ring. Cybersecurity experts say the raid included the charging of a major carding kingpin thought to be tied...
HPE Issues Fix To Stop Some SSDs From Self‑destructing
26th Mar 2020 [6 days ago] from ESET Research
If left unpatched, a firmware flaw in some enterprise-class solid-state drives could make data on them unrecoverable as early as this fall. The post HPE issues fix to stop some SSDs from self‑destructing appeared first on...
US Government Sites Give Bad Security Advice
25th Mar 2020 [7 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Many U.S. government Web sites now carry a message prominently at the top of their home pages meant to help visitors better distinguish between official U.S. government properties and phishing pages. Unfortunately, part of that message...
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