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LikeWars: How Business Leaders Can Prepare For This Growing Threat
3rd Jan 2019 [19 days ago] from TechRepublic
Authors of the book LikeWar detail how social media can be weaponized. Read the questions they recommend business leaders ask and answer in preparation for a LikeWar.
Taming The Digital Wild West
3rd Jan 2019 [19 days ago] from DarkReading
Congress must do more to encourage good Samaritan efforts in the cybersecurity community and make it easier for law enforcement to consistently collaborate with them.
Ohio Law Creates Cybersecurity Safe Harbor For Businesses
3rd Jan 2019 [19 days ago] from TechRepublic
Businesses showing good faith by modeling their cybersecurity after an approved framework will have legal protection under Ohios Data Protection Act.
Second-gen Facial Recognition Tech Aims To Improve Biometric Security
3rd Jan 2019 [19 days ago] from TechRepublic
Facial recognition technology is getting a second look from solutions vendors, though legal frameworks for how biometrics are used are out of date.
Redefining Critical Infrastructure For The Age Of Disinformation
3rd Jan 2019 [19 days ago] from DarkReading
In an era of tighter privacy laws, its important to create an online environment that uses threat intelligence productively to defeat disinformation campaigns and bolster democracy.
Website Security Paradox: Whats A Small Business To Do?
2nd Jan 2019 [20 days ago] from TechRepublic
Small-business owners are considering whether to spend hard-earned money on historically less than effective cybersecurity and what it means if they dont. A security expert at GoDaddy weighs in.
The FTCs Cyberinsurance Tips: A Must-read For Small Business Owners
2nd Jan 2019 [20 days ago] from TechRepublic
Cyberinsurance might be the only way to truly survive a full-blown cyberattack. Before small business owners shop for cyberinsurance, they should check out these guidelines from the FTC.
25 Years Later: Looking Back At The First Great (Cyber) Bank Heist
2nd Jan 2019 [20 days ago] from DarkReading
The Citibank hack in 1994 marked a turning point for banking -- and cybercrime -- as we know it. What can we learn from looking back at the past 25 years?
Notes On Self-Publishing A Book
31st Dec 2018 [22 days ago] from TaoSecurity
In this post I would like to share a few thoughts on self-publishing a book, in case anyone is considering that option.As I mentioned in my post onburnout, one of my goals was to publish a book on a subject other than cyber security. A...
How SMBs Can Minimize Damage From Ransomware Attacks
31st Dec 2018 [22 days ago] from TechRepublic
The costs incurred from a ransomware attack can devastate SMBs, but there are ways to minimize the impact.
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