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Financial Sector Under Siege
20th May 2019 [5 days ago] from DarkReading
The old take-the-money-and-run approach has been replaced by siege tactics such as DDOS attacks and land-and-expand campaigns with multiple points of persistence and increased dwell time.
Killer SecOps Skills: Soft Is The New Hard
20th May 2019 [5 days ago] from DarkReading
The sooner we give mindsets and tool sets equal bearing, the better. We must put SOC team members through rigorous training for emergency situations.
How To Take The Next Step As A Woman In Cybersecurity
20th May 2019 [5 days ago] from WhiteHat Security
For women in cybersecurity looking to take the next step in their career, navigating that pathway can be challenging. Women make up only 11 percent of the cybersecurity workforce, and this number has remained stagnant in the last couple...
How To Block Hijacking Attacks On Your Google Account
20th May 2019 [5 days ago] from TechRepublic
Bot and phishing attacks can compromise your G Suite account, but there is an easy way to block the majority of these attempts, according to Google.
New Research: How Effective Is Basic Account Hygiene At Preventing Hijacking
17th May 2019 [8 days ago] from Google Security
Posted by Kurt Thomas and Angelika Moscicki Every day, we protect users from hundreds of thousands of account hijacking attempts. Most attacks stem from automated bots with access to third-party password breaches, but we also see phishing...
The Largest Cybersecurity Breaches Of The Past Three Years, And Their Effects On Companies
17th May 2019 [8 days ago] from TechRepublic
There have been some major security breaches in recent years, according to a recent Bitglass report, and those breaches have cost companies billions of dollars along the way.
A Trustworthy Digital Foundation Is Essential To Digital Government
17th May 2019 [8 days ago] from DarkReading
Agencies must take steps to ensure that citizens trust in the security of governments digital channels.
TechRepublic Wins Gold At The National 2019 Azbee Awards
17th May 2019 [8 days ago] from TechRepublic
TechRepublic took home multiple awards at the national 2019 Azbee Awards of Excellence, including two gold awards and honorable mention for Website of the Year.
How IoT And Blockchain Could Eliminate Counterfeit Goods Across The Supply Chain
17th May 2019 [8 days ago] from TechRepublic
Businesses across industries lose money and reputation due to knock-off products and questionably sourced materials, but a solution may already exist, according to a Cisco and BCG report.
The Data Problem In Security
16th May 2019 [9 days ago] from DarkReading
CISOs must consider reputation, resiliency, and regulatory impact to establish their organizations guidelines around what data matters most.
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