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ZigDiggity – ZigBee Hacking Toolkit
23rd Aug 2019 [12 hours ago] from DarkNet
ZigDiggity a ZigBee Hacking Toolkit is a Python-based IoT (Internet of Things) penetration testing framework targeting the ZigBee smart home protocol.ZigBee continues to grow in popularity as a method for providing simple wireless communication...
Capital One Breach: What Security Teams Can Do Now
23rd Aug 2019 [12 hours ago] from DarkReading
Knowing the methods of the attacker, as laid out in the federal indictment, allow us to prevent similar attacks.
Cybersecurity Alert: 34% Of Vulnerabilities Found This Year Remain Unpatched
23rd Aug 2019 [15 hours ago] from TechRepublic
The overall number of reported vulnerabilities in the first half of 2019 has dropped slightly from last year, but risks remain high, according to Risk Based Security.
Google Moves Closer To Letting Chrome Web Apps Edit Your Files Despite Warning It Could Be Abused In Terrible Ways
23rd Aug 2019 [15 hours ago] from TechRepublic
Using the new Native File System API, web apps would be able to read and save files, as well as gather info on files stored on your device.
Threat Intelligence Gateways: A Useful Adjunct To Overworked Perimeter Security
22nd Aug 2019 [33 hours ago] from DarkReading
Comparative research shows the relative strengths and weaknesses of five TIG vendors and which kinds of security organization will reap the most benefit.
Android Security Bulletin August 2019: What You Need To Know
22nd Aug 2019 [34 hours ago] from TechRepublic
Another month is here, and Android finds itself with a mixture of critical and high vulnerabilities.
Android 10: Cheat Sheet
22nd Aug 2019 [35 hours ago] from TechRepublic
Android 10s features will transform some phones into more user-friendly, customizable, and secure environments. Heres what developers, businesses, and users need to know about Googles Android 10.0.
5 Identity Challenges Facing Todays IT Teams
22nd Aug 2019 [36 hours ago] from DarkReading
To take control over your companys security, identify and understand the biggest identity and access management challenges facing IT teams today and start addressing them.
Why Hackers Still Impersonate Microsoft More Than Any Other Company
22nd Aug 2019 [37 hours ago] from TechRepublic
Microsoft, PayPal, and Facebook are the top brands hackers attempt to copy in phishing attacks, according to Vade Secure.
How CISOs Can Better Defend Their Organizations Against Cyberthreats
21st Aug 2019 [3 days ago] from TechRepublic
More chief information security officers are modifying their security strategy from one of prevention to one of detection and response, according to a Forbes Insights report released Wednesday.
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