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Popular Security News
Black Friday 2019: The Best Tech Deals Available Now
3 days ago from PCWorld
Black Friday is no longer contained to the day after Thanksgiving. Deals roll out in a chaotic stream all throughout November, and these days, you can score great deals among the lackluster discounts.For 2019, Best Buy, Newegg, and Amazon...
BlueKeep Exploit To Get A Fix For Its BSOD Problem
42 hours ago from ZDNet
Microsofts Meltdown patch was causing BlueKeep attacks to crash on some systems.
Donald Trump Jr. Stormed Out Of An Event For His Book — Which Accuses The Left Of Stifling Open Debate — After Getting Heckled For Refusing...
24 hours ago from Yahoo News
Trump and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, refused to take questions at a UCLA event, saying it would provide sound bites for the left.
Top House Armed Services Republican: Trumps Ukraine Call Was Inappropriate But Not Impeachable
2 days ago from Yahoo News
Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, said President Trumps call with Ukraines president was inappropriate — but it did not warrant his impeachment.
Mulvaney Asks To Join Lawsuit Over Complying With House Subpoenas
45 hours ago from Yahoo News
The acting chief of staff wants to join a lawsuit that asks a court to decide whether to comply with a House subpoena or obey a White House order
Microsoft To Apply Californias Privacy Law For All US Users
24 hours ago from ZDNet
Microsofts chief privacy officer promises to apply the CCPA to all US users, not just Californians.
Bond Stayed For Ex-Twitter Employee Accused Of Spying For Saudi Arabia
2 days ago from iTnews
After US prosecutors appealed the decision.
Major ASP.NET Hosting Provider Infected By Ransomware
2 days ago from ZDNet
SmarterASP.NET, a company with more than 440,000 customers, said its been hit by ransomware over the weekend.
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Latest Security News
Shock! US Border Cops Need Reasonable Suspicion Of A Crime Before Searching Your Phone, Laptop
2 minutes ago from The Register
Massachusetts judge reminds America of that little thing called the Fourth Amendment The seizure and search of phones and laptops at the US border is unconstitutional, a judge said Tuesday in a landmark ruling.…
This November, Give Thanks For Only Having One Exploited Microsoft Flaw For Patch Tues. And Four Hyper-V Escapes
2 hours ago from The Register
Intel joins the fun with monthly releases from Adobe, SAP Patch Tuesday  The November edition of Patch Tuesday has landed with scheduled updates from Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP, along with the debut of a new update calendar from Intel.…...
Microsofts November 2019 Patch Tuesday Arrives With A Patch For An IE Zero-day
2 hours ago from ZDNet
The November 2019 Patch Tuesday fixes 74 vulnerabilities, of which 13 are rated "Critical."
Twitch Studio, Twitchs Easy-peasy Streaming Software For Beginners, Hits Open Beta
3 hours ago from PCWorld
Anybody can become a Twitch star, but getting set up can be complicated, especially on the PC. While console gamers can start streaming quickly, configuring a Twitch stream on your PC involves using third-party software, ensuring all your...
Could President Trump Be Impeached And Removed From Office — But Still Reelected?
3 hours ago from Yahoo News
What happens when a presidential impeachment inquiry runs into a presidential election year? The United States in uncharted territory.
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Latest News from Research Labs
Patch Tuesday, November 2019 Edition
2 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
Microsoft today released updates to plug security holes in its software, including patches to fix at least 74 weaknesses in various flavors of Windows and in software that runs on top of it. The November updates include patches for a zero-day...
Can Regulations Improve Cybersecurity? In APAC, Opinions Vary
13 hours ago from ESET Research
An ESET-commissioned survey among enterprises also shows that while respondents in most countries agree on the need to bolster cyber-defenses, some are reluctant to adopt cybersecurity solutions The post Can regulations improve cybersecurity?...
Retailer Orvis.com Leaked Hundreds Of Internal Passwords On Pastebin
30 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
Orvis, a Vermont-based retailer that specializes in high-end fly fishing equipment and other sporting goods, leaked hundreds of internal passwords on Pastebin.com for several weeks last month, exposing credentials the company used to manage...
Zero Trust Strategy—what Good Looks Like
31 hours ago from Microsoft
Zero Trust is a model that will ultimately be infused throughout your enterprise and should inform virtually all access decisions and interactions between systems. The post Zero Trust strategy—what good looks like appeared first on Microsoft...
First BlueKeep Attacks Prompt Fresh Warnings
31 hours ago from ESET Research
The infamous vulnerability has been exploited for a cryptocurrency mining campaign, but more damaging attacks may still be in store The post First BlueKeep attacks prompt fresh warnings appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Introducing The 1st Arsenal Lab USA 2019
5 months ago from ToolsWatch
After several years of a dazzling success of the famous Black Hat Arsenal, the team has brainstormed to offer some new entertainment.Several ideas have been reviewed however the principle of an...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
DeepSec 2018 Closing
7 months ago from DeepSec
Closing of DeepSec In-Depth Security 2018 (motto „I like to mov &6974,%bx“).Cast: DeepSec Conference
Manipulating Human Memory For Fun And Profit
7 months ago from DeepSec
Cast: DeepSec Conference
Can Not See The Wood For The Trees - Too Many Security Standards For Automation Industry
7 months ago from DeepSec
Plant operators and manufacturers are currently faced with many challenges in the field of automation. Issues such as digitization, Industry 4.0, legal requirements or complex business processes that connect IT and OT are paramount. Related...
Leveraging Endpoints To Boost Incident Response Capabilities
7 months ago from DeepSec
In our day to day we constantly see how most of the organisations fail to respond properly to real incidents and a lot of times this is due to the lack of visibility on endpoints. The aim of this talk is to help the Blue teams to understand...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
Phishing In Academic Environments
10 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Higher education is a popular target for phishing scams. However, the industry’s vulnerability is often overlooked by both cybersecurity specialists and university administrators alike....Go on to the site to read the full...
MITRE ATT&CK: Replication Through Removable Media
10 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction The progression of information security has been heavily focused on the internet as the primary source of threats. What may be overlooked is the specter that was around during the early...Go on to the site to read the full...
Network Traffic Analysis For IR: Alternatives To Wireshark
10 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction It is almost impossible to leave a conversation with a cybersecurity professional, take an introductory networking class, or break into ethical hacking without hearing about Wireshark....Go on to the site to read the full...
How To Prepare For A Ransomware Attack
24 hours ago from InfoSec
The threat of ransomware Ransomware has become a common and well-known threat to organizations. Its success is largely based on the fact that it is a simple yet effective way for an attacker to make...Go on to the site to read the full...
MITRE ATT&CK: Command-line Interface
29 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Try to remember the first time you sat at a PC. What was one of the seemingly high-level features about it that impressed you? Chances are that one of these features was the command-line...Go on to the site to read the full...
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