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Popular Security News
Fox News Host Baselessly Claims That Somethings Going To Happen To Joe Biden, Forcing Her Colleague To Walk Her Comment Back
28 hours ago from Yahoo News
I have a sense that somethings going to happen before the election, and hes not even going to be on the ticket, she said.
Microsoft August 2020 Patch Tuesday Fixes 120 Vulnerabilities, Two Zero-days
2 days ago from ZDNet
Microsoft says attackers have used a Windows zero-day to spoof file signatures and another RCE in the Internet Explorer scripting engine to execute code on users devices.
PepsiCo CISO Joins FireEye Board
2 days ago from SecurityWeek
Sara Andrews, Chief Information Security Officer at PepsiCo, Joins FireEye Board of Directors read more
Two Exploited Zero-days Fixed In Patch Wednesday
2 days ago from iTnews
120 bugs squashed in total.
Trump Claims He Would Have Beaten George Washington In Election While Bragging About Non-existent Poll Numbers
2 days ago from Yahoo News
If Donald Trump were to square off with US founding father George Washington in an election, the current president would have had a leg up — so says Mr Trump.“I don’t know if you’ve seen, the polls have been going up like a rocket...
QAnon Supporter Seems Headed To Congress After Winning GOP Runoff
24 hours ago from Yahoo News
Marjorie Taylor Greene has won Tuesday’s runoff election for the Republican nomination in Georgia’s conservative 14th Congressional District, putting her on track to becoming the first open supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory in...
Op-Ed: If Biden Wins, Dont Expect Trump To Accept Defeat And Head For The Exit
31 hours ago from Yahoo News
The only way to guarantee Trump doesnt ignore election results is a Biden win so decisive its apparent on election night.
Citrix Warns Of Patch-ASAP-grade Bugs In Its Working-from-home Products, Just As Were All Working From Home
2 days ago from The Register
Expect Citrix Endpoint Management gear to come under attack soon With the world+dog releasing patches today, Citrix has another serious security situation it needs users’ help to smother.…
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Latest Security News
Australian Government Wants Power To Run Cyber-response For Businesses Under Attack
3 hours ago from The Register
Ponders giving em immunity too for countermeasures up to hacking back. Australia’s government has proposed giving itself the power to take over private enterprises’ response to cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure.…
Amazon Alexa Security Bug Allowed Access To Voice History - BBC News
3 hours ago from Google News
Amazon Alexa security bug allowed access to voice historyBBC NewsAmazon Patched an Alexa Hacking Vulnerability Discovered by Cybersecurity Researchers in JuneVoicebot.aiVulnerabilities in Amazon Alexa could have exposed user data to hackersSiliconANGLEAmazon...
This NSA, FBI Security Advisory Has Four Words You Never Want To See Together: Fancy Bear Linux Rootkit
6 hours ago from The Register
From Russia, with love The NSA and FBI are sounding the alarm over a dangerous new strain of Linux malware being employed by Russian government hackers often dubbed the Fancy Bear crew.…
Windows Defender Update Takes Out Citrix
9 hours ago from iTnews
Definition 1.321.1319.0 quarantines Broker Service.
NSA, FBI Expose Russian Intelligence Hacking Tool
9 hours ago from iTnews
Drovorub used to break into Linux systems.
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Latest News from Research Labs
XCSSET Mac Malware: Infects Xcode Projects, Performs UXSS Attack On Safari, Other Browsers, Leverages Zero-day Exploits
2 hours ago from TrendMicro
We have discovered an unusual infection related to Xcode developer projects. Upon further investigation, we discovered that a developer’s Xcode project at large contained the source malware, which leads to a rabbit hole of malicious payloads....
What Is The Cost Of A Data Breach?
30 hours ago from ESET Research
The price tag is higher if the incident exposed customer data or if it was the result of a malicious attack, an annual IBM study finds The post What is the cost of a data breach? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Why & Where You Should You Plant Your Flag
39 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
Several stories here have highlighted the importance of creating accounts online tied to your various identity, financial and communications services before identity thieves do it for you. This post examines some of the key places where...
August Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical IE, Important Windows Vulnerabilities Exploited In The Wild
41 hours ago from TrendMicro
The August batch of Patch Tuesday updates includes 120 updates for the Microsoft suite, with 17 fixes rated as Critical, and the remaining 103 ranked as Important. The post August Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical IE, Important Windows Vulnerabilities...
Twitter Working To Fix Issue With 2FA Feature
2 days ago from ESET Research
An apparent glitch is preventing a number of users from signing into their accounts The post Twitter working to fix issue with 2FA feature appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
What’s Wrong With WebSocket APIs - Unveiling Vulnerabilities In WebSocket APIs - Mikhail Egorov
5 months ago from DeepSec
WebSocket protocol is many times more efficient than HTTP. In recent years we can observe that developers tend to implement functionality in the form of WebSocket APIs instead of traditional REST APIs, that use HTTP. Modern technologies...
What Has Data Science Got To Do With It - Thordis Thorsteins
5 months ago from DeepSec
In this talk I want to shed some light on data science’s place within security. You can expect to learn how to see through common data science jargon that’s used in the industry, as well as to get a high level understanding of what’s...
Well, That Escalated Quickly - A Penetration Testers Approach To Windows Privilege Escalation - Khalil Bijjou
5 months ago from DeepSec
Companies engage security experts to penetrate their infrastructures and systems in order to find vulnerabilities before malicious persons do. During these penetration tests, security experts often encounter Windows endpoints or servers...
The Turtle Gone Ninja - Investigation Of An Unusual Crypto-Mining Campaign - Ophir Harpaz And Daniel Goldberg
5 months ago from DeepSec
At first sight, Nansh0u is yet another attack campaign aiming to mine a marginal crypto-currency named TurtleCoin. However, things get much more interesting once you gain full access to the attacker’s infrastructure. Our investigation...
The Future Is Here - Modern Attack Surface On Automotive - Lior Yaari
5 months ago from DeepSec
Working as a security researcher for the automotive industry, I received futuristic equipment to test. Test? Hack! In two or three years from now, our vehicles will be full of communication interfaces to the outside world. V2X technologies,...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
Top 6 Cybersecurity Books For IT Auditors
16 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Like many other information security professionals, you probably have a library of books on the topic of your career choice. Not only that, but like many others, yours is probably not as...Go on to the site to read the full...
Podcast Recap: Email Attack Trend Predictions For 2020
16 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Email continues to be a major method of communication in both personal and professional contexts. The sheer proliferation of information transmitted via email every day makes it an...Go on to the site to read the full...
Zeus Sphinx: What It Is, How It Works And How To Prevent It | Malware Spotlight
40 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction When something is described as “rising from the ashes,” the mythological creature known as the phoenix normally comes to mind. For those that research malware, they may soon want to swap...Go on to the site to read the...
National Counterintelligence And Security Center: 5 Priorities For 2020
40 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction: NCSC’s role For years, the United States has faced increasingly aggressive and complex threats from foreign intelligence entities (FIEs) and nation-states, as well as from a range of...Go on to the site to read the full...
How Privacy Agreements Impact Data Privacy For Business Users: Slack, Zoom And Microsoft Teams
3 days ago from InfoSec
The growing interest in third-party collaboration apps The growing trend toward remote work is changing how people communicate in the workplace. Cloud-based collaboration apps and videoconferencing...Go on to the site to read the full...
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