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Popular Security News
OpenBSD Bugs, Microsofts Bad Update, A New Nork Hacking Crew, And More
2 days ago from The Register
Meanwhile, the DOJ sets its sights on money mules Welcome to yet another El Reg security roundup. Off we go.…
Interview With One Of The Worlds Best Competitive Bug Hunters
45 hours ago from ZDNet
Meet Amat Cama, winner of three consecutive Pwn2Own competitions.
Thousands Of IPhones End Up In The Shredder Or Unnecessarily Scrapped Every Month
40 hours ago from ZDNet
Apples security features that render iPhones and Macs worthless to thieves is hampering legitimate efforts to recycle old hardware. But could Apple do something to help?
5-Year-Old Carried A Toddler Through Minus 31-Degree Weather After Left Alone In Alaska Home
25 hours ago from Yahoo News
The children, who were dressed just in socks and light clothing, both received cold-related injuries
20 VPS Providers To Shut Down On Monday, Giving Customers Two Days To Save Their Data
41 hours ago from ZDNet
No explanation given for the sudden shutdown. Customers suspect an exit scam.
Chinese Government To Replace Foreign Hardware And Software Within Three Years
19 hours ago from ZDNet
New Beijing "5-3-2" policy to give local tech scene a boost to the detriment of foreign companies.
Trump And His Team Are Going Out Of Their Way To Tell Everyone How Sorry Saudi Arabia Is About The Shooting At A Florida Naval Base
19 hours ago from Yahoo News
A member of the Saudi military killed three and injured multiple others in a shooting at NAS Pensacola Friday. Trump says the Saudis are devastated.
After Pensacola Attack, Pentagon To Review Screening Of Foreign Officers Who Train At U.S. Bases
24 hours ago from Yahoo News
Following a suspected terror attack at a Florida Navy base, the Pentagon said it will review the vetting process for foreign officers who train in the U.S.
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Latest Security News
Serious Security: Understanding How Computers Count
an hour ago from Naked Security
The hard disks that fail abruptly at 32,768 hours of use - why simply adding 1 can send you into oblivion.
Watchdog Report: FBIs Trump-Russia Probe Justified, No Bias
an hour ago from Yahoo News
It’s Not Because She’s A Woman
an hour ago from Yahoo News
In early October, Elizabeth Warren hit her stride. Her stock in the Democratic primary had been climbing steadily since midsummer, and as Joe Biden continued to lag, the Massachusetts senator became the first presidential hopeful to overtake...
Erdogan Says Turkey Aims To Settle 1 Million Refugees In Syria Offensive Area
an hour ago from Yahoo News
Turkey aims to settle one million Syrian war refugees in the area of northern Syria where it carried out a military incursion in October, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday. Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies launched the offensive...
Top US Officials Knew The Afghanistan War Was Unwinnable And Lied — Even As Costs Rose To $1 Trillion And 2,351 American Troops Lives
an hour ago from Yahoo News
Thousands of pages of notes from hundreds of interviews reveal true US assessments of the war in Afghanistan, and its not a pretty picture.
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Latest News from Research Labs
Improve Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management With Microsoft Azure
5 hours ago from Microsoft
To keep government agencies secure in the cloud, we must keep pace and stay ahead of cyber attackers by defending the cyber supply chain with Microsoft Azure. The post Improve cyber supply chain risk management with Microsoft Azure appeared...
5 Scam Prevention Tips For Seniors
11 hours ago from ESET Research
How can people who didn’t grow up with technology protect themselves against some of the most common types of online fraud? The post 5 scam prevention tips for seniors appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Ransomware At Colorado IT Provider Affects 100+ Dental Offices
2 days ago from Krebsonsecurity
A Colorado company that specializes in providing IT services to dental offices suffered a ransomware attack this week that is disrupting operations for more than 100 dentistry practices, KrebsOnSecurity has learned.Multiple sources affected...
How To Spot If Your Child Is A Victim Of Cyberbullying
3 days ago from ESET Research
What are some of the most common warning signs that your child is experiencing online harassment? The post How to spot if your child is a victim of cyberbullying appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Apple Explains Mysterious IPhone 11 Location Requests
4 days ago from Krebsonsecurity
KrebsOnSecurity ran a story this week that puzzled over Apples response to inquiries about a potential privacy leak in its new iPhone 11 line, in which the devices appear to intermittently seek the users location even when all applications...
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Objective By The Sea & ToolsWatch To Release The First Edition Of MacOS “Aloha” Armory
5 hours ago from ToolsWatch
We are extremely pleased and excited to announce our recent partnership with the renowned Objective By The Sea to promote a security hacking tools demonstration area exclusively macOS oriented....[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
Introducing The 1st Arsenal Lab USA 2019
5 months ago from ToolsWatch
After several years of a dazzling success of the famous Black Hat Arsenal, the team has brainstormed to offer some new entertainment.Several ideas have been reviewed however the principle of an...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
DeepSec 2018 Closing
8 months ago from DeepSec
Closing of DeepSec In-Depth Security 2018 (motto „I like to mov &6974,%bx“).Cast: DeepSec Conference
Manipulating Human Memory For Fun And Profit
8 months ago from DeepSec
Cast: DeepSec Conference
Can Not See The Wood For The Trees - Too Many Security Standards For Automation Industry
8 months ago from DeepSec
Plant operators and manufacturers are currently faced with many challenges in the field of automation. Issues such as digitization, Industry 4.0, legal requirements or complex business processes that connect IT and OT are paramount. Related...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
Hack The Box (HTB) Machines Walkthrough Series — Swagshop
5 hours ago from InfoSec
Today we will be continuing with our exploration of Hack the Box (HTB) machines, as seen in previous articles. This walkthrough is of an HTB machine named Swagshop. HTB is an excellent platform that...Go on to the site to read the full...
How Smoking Led To Social Engineers Gaining Physical Access To A Network
7 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Social engineering is a common infosecurity threat. I once tried to track down a missing friend by calling up hospitals in our city and telling them that my brother was missing. Four out...Go on to the site to read the full...
Ethical Hacking: Top 10 Browser Extensions For Hacking
7 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction When it comes to ethical hacking, one of the critical skills you need to succeed is the usage of various tools to start your penetration testing process. While browser extensions may not...Go on to the site to read the full...
Cognitive Biases In Security Decision-making | Cyber Work Podcast
13 hours ago from InfoSec
Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8, and Cyber Work podcast host Chris Sienko discuss how for introduce security teams early into the product development process, as well as cognitive biases in security decision-making...
New Year, New Capabilities: What’s Next For Security Education
3 days ago from InfoSec
As training program managers, our job is never done. New business objectives, technologies and risks mean our programs must constantly evolve to meet these shifting needs. Join Jack Koziol, Infosec...Go on to the site to read the full...
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