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Popular Security News
Payouts From Insurance Policies May Fuel Ransomware Attacks
39 hours ago from SecurityWeek
Experts Worry That Cyber Insurance Policies Designed to Limit Damage of Ransomware Attacks Might Actually be Encouraging Hackers read more
Election Security Experts Say Hack Of Voters Confidence May Be Biggest Threat To 2020 - NBCNews.com
46 hours ago from Google News
Election security experts say hack of voters confidence may be biggest threat to 2020NBCNews.comThe greatest threat to the 2020 presidential election may not be a hack of voting systems, but of the Americans faith in their elections, experts...
Disgraced Ex-Kaspersky Guy Made Me Do It, Says Bloke In Russian Court On Hacking Charges
2 days ago from The Register
Oh no I didnt, says disgraced ex-Kaspersky guy An accused Russian hacker has claimed Kasperskys former head of investigations blackmailed him into stealing approximately £150,000 from local banks.…
Apple Neutered Ad Blockers In Safari, But Unlike Chrome, Users Didnt Say A Thing
39 hours ago from ZDNet
On the other hand, everyone was busy blasting Google for a similar plan in Chrome.
Iran Denies Successful Cyber Attacks On Oil Sector
41 hours ago from SecurityWeek
Iran denied on Saturday its oil infrastructure had been successfully attacked by a cyber operation, after reports of disruptions to the sector online. read more
Bill De Blasios Net Worth As He Pulls Out Of 2020 Presidential Race
2 days ago from Yahoo News
New York Mayor de Blasio announced that he is officially dropping out of the 2020 presidential race -- heres a look at his current finances.
Texas Man Wanted For Allegedly Divorcing His Wife Without Her Knowledge
2 days ago from Yahoo News
A Texas man is wanted by police after he allegedly filed for and completed divorce proceedings against his wife without her knowledge. 
Boy, 4, Who Was Diagnosed With Autism And Cancer Within Months Of Each Other Beats Odds
2 days ago from Yahoo News
A 4-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism and cancer within three months has impressively beaten the odds
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Latest Security News
Arab Lawmakers In Israel Endorse Gantz For Prime Minister
an hour ago from Yahoo News
The Arab bloc in Israels parliament abandoned its usual hands-off stance Sunday and endorsed former military chief Benny Gantz for prime minister, potentially giving him the edge over hard-line incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu. The historic...
Dear Network Operators, Please Use The Existing Tools To Fix Security
an hour ago from ZDNet
The internets security and stability would be significantly improved if network operators implemented protocols that were already written into technical standards and if vendors provided better tools for fixing security.
Trump Admits He Talked About Biden In Call With Ukrainian President About Corruption
2 hours ago from Yahoo News
Donald Trump admitted on Sunday that he raised former vice president Joe Biden in a conversation with Ukraines leader about corruption, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo was forced to insist that the president did not apply pressure on...
Unblock Whistleblowers Complaint On President Donald Trumps Call To Ukraine Over Biden
2 hours ago from Yahoo News
Arguing that Donald Trump isnt a member of the intelligence community is painfully reminiscent of the legal gymnastics Robert Mueller used: Our view
She Was Drunk: Bus Driver Facing DUI Charges After Child Calls 911 To Report Her
2 hours ago from Yahoo News
A bus driver in Washington has been arrested after a child called 911 to report that she was driving under the influence.
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Latest News from Research Labs
Mac Malware That Spoofs Trading App Steals User Information, Uploads It To Website
2 days ago from TrendMicro
We recently found and analyzed a malicious malware variant that disguised itself as a legitimate Mac-based trading app called Stockfolio. We found two variants of the malware family. The first one contains a pair of shell scripts and connects...
Fileless Cryptocurrency-Miner GhostMiner Weaponizes WMI Objects, Kills Other Cryptocurrency-Mining Payloads
3 days ago from TrendMicro
By Carl Maverick Pascual (Threats Analyst) Cybercriminals continue to use cryptocurrency-mining malware to abuse computing resources for profit. As early as 2017, we have also observed how they have applied fileless techniques to make detection...
Before He Spammed You, This Sly Prince Stalked Your Mailbox
4 days ago from Krebsonsecurity
A reader forwarded what he briefly imagined might be a bold, if potentially costly, innovation on the old Nigerian prince scam that asks for help squirreling away millions in unclaimed fortune: it was sent via the U.S. Postal Service, with...
Remote Access Flaws Found In Popular Routers, NAS Devices
5 days ago from ESET Research
In almost all tested units, the researchers achieved their goal of obtaining remote root-level access The post Remote access flaws found in popular routers, NAS devices appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Overview Of The Marsh-Microsoft 2019 Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey Results
5 days ago from Microsoft
Results from the 2019 Marsh-Microsoft Global Cyber Risk Perception survey reveal several encouraging signs of improvement in the way organizations view and manage cyber risk. The post Overview of the Marsh-Microsoft 2019 Global Cyber Risk...
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Introducing The 1st Arsenal Lab USA 2019
3 months ago from ToolsWatch
After several years of a dazzling success of the famous Black Hat Arsenal, the team has brainstormed to offer some new entertainment.Several ideas have been reviewed however the principle of an...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
DeepSec 2018 Closing
6 months ago from DeepSec
Closing of DeepSec In-Depth Security 2018 (motto „I like to mov &6974,%bx“).Cast: DeepSec Conference
Manipulating Human Memory For Fun And Profit
6 months ago from DeepSec
Cast: DeepSec Conference
Can Not See The Wood For The Trees - Too Many Security Standards For Automation Industry
6 months ago from DeepSec
Plant operators and manufacturers are currently faced with many challenges in the field of automation. Issues such as digitization, Industry 4.0, legal requirements or complex business processes that connect IT and OT are paramount. Related...
Leveraging Endpoints To Boost Incident Response Capabilities
6 months ago from DeepSec
In our day to day we constantly see how most of the organisations fail to respond properly to real incidents and a lot of times this is due to the lack of visibility on endpoints. The aim of this talk is to help the Blue teams to understand...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
Linux For Ethical Hackers 101
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction In this article, we’ll discuss the Linux operating system and how it ties in with ethical hacking. We will explore the Linux distributions that have been designed with hacking in mind...Go on to the site to read the full...
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction This article will define three key types of registers in the x86 architecture and then go on to show simulations of registers’ contents after specific instructions have been run. This...Go on to the site to read the full...
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction This article defines an operand as it is used in x86 assembly instructions. It goes on to explain in detail, using simulations, three modes by which the operand of an instruction is...Go on to the site to read the full...
Ethical Hacking: Buffer Overflow
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction to buffer overflows When taking external input, an application needs to allocate memory to store that input. Many high-level programming languages will do this behind the scenes, but...Go on to the site to read the full...
Top 5 Remote Access Trojans
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction to RATs Once a hacker has gained initial access to a target machine, expanding and solidifying that foothold is the next logical step. In the case of a phishing attack, this involves...Go on to the site to read the full...
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