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Popular Security News
Police: Mom Accused Of Killing Her 3 Kids Said She Smothered Them While Singing
3 days ago from Yahoo News
A probable cause document doesn’t provide a possible motive for the brutal killings that Rachel Henry is charged with.
German Government To Pay €800,000 In Windows 7 ESU Fees This Year
2 days ago from ZDNet
The sum represents ESU fees for over 33,000 government workstations that are still running Windows 7, allowing German government systems to receive security updates for one more year.
Impeachment Trial Fallout: Trump Could Get His Wish — To Hurt Biden
41 hours ago from Yahoo News
Details about Hunter Biden could complicate life for Joe Biden — exactly what Trump was trying to do with his Ukraine scheme last summer.  
Ad Targets Susan Collins: You’re A Senator. Act Like It.
42 hours ago from Yahoo News
A conservative group critical of President Trump released an ad that targets Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins for her votes during the impeachment trial.
The Almost-secret Hidden IPhone Switch That Blocks Spam Text Messages And Notifications
30 hours ago from ZDNet
You are 60 seconds away from removing one of your phones most annoying annoyances.
Trump Says His Side In Impeachment Trial Has All The Material
47 hours ago from Yahoo News
Democrats accused the president of boasting about obstructing Congress after a Davos press conference.
Garadget Review: Open Your Garage Door With Open-source Technology
33 hours ago from PCWorld
If you have the patience for delving into user forums if you need help, Garadget is worth a look.
Amazon Engineer Leaks Encryption Keys To Public GitHub Repo
28 hours ago from PacketStormSecurity
Amazon Engineer Leaks Encryption Keys To Public GitHub Repo
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Latest Security News
Google Decides To Iterate On Its Deceptive Favicon Search Plan
an hour ago from PCWorld
Google backtracked Friday from its controversial plan to mix “favicons” in with search results, which critics had called a deceptive mix of search results and paid advertising.Last week, Google began putting small favicons (website...
What Choice Do I Have? Lock-down Strands Millions In Chinas Wuhan
an hour ago from Yahoo News
A trickle of passengers at the train station in the Chinese city of Wuhan put on a brave face on Friday as they arrived in the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed 26 people, infected hundreds and raised fears of a pandemic....
Fox News Is Covering Trumps Impeachment Trial — But With No Audio Of Evidence From Democrats
an hour ago from Yahoo News
Fox News host Sean Hannity assured viewers the impeachment trial wasnt worth watching, and summed it up as babble and talking points.
Warren Responds After Angry Dad Confronts Her On Student Loans
an hour ago from Yahoo News
In the exchange, a father asked Warren if he is getting screwed because he saved money for his daughters education.
Mexico Seeks US Extradition Of Drug Lords Son For Reporter Murder
an hour ago from Yahoo News
Culiacán (Mexico) (AFP) - Mexico is seeking the extradition from the United States of the son of a Sinaloa cartel drug lord over the 2017 murder of acclaimed journalist Javier Valdez, the attorney generals office said Thursday. Damaso...
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Latest News from Research Labs
Does Your Domain Have A Registry Lock?
3 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
If youre running a business online, few things can be as disruptive or destructive to your brand as someone stealing your companys domain name and doing whatever they wish with it. Even so, most major Web site owners arent taking full advantage...
Nice Try: 501 (Ransomware) Not Implemented
3 hours ago from FireEye Research
An Ever-Evolving ThreatSince January 10, 2020, FireEye has tracked extensive globalexploitation of CVE-2019-19781, which continues to impact Citrix ADCand Gateway instancesthat are unpatched or do not have mitigationsapplied. We previously...
Google: Flaws In Apple’s Privacy Tool Could Enable Tracking
7 hours ago from ESET Research
Safari’s anti-tracking feature could apparently give access to users’ browsing habits The post Google: Flaws in Apple’s privacy tool could enable tracking appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Microsoft Exposed 250 Million Customer Support Records
32 hours ago from ESET Research
Databases containing 14 years’ worth of customer support logs were publicly accessible with no password protection The post Microsoft exposed 250 million customer support records appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Apple Addresses IPhone 11 Location Privacy Concern
45 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
Apple is rolling out a new update to its iOS operating system that addresses the location privacy issue on iPhone 11 devices that was first detailed here last month.
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Objective By The Sea & ToolsWatch To Release The First Edition Of MacOS “Aloha” Armory
2 months ago from ToolsWatch
We are extremely pleased and excited to announce our recent partnership with the renowned Objective By The Sea to promote a security hacking tools demonstration area exclusively macOS oriented....[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
Introducing The 1st Arsenal Lab USA 2019
7 months ago from ToolsWatch
After several years of a dazzling success of the famous Black Hat Arsenal, the team has brainstormed to offer some new entertainment.Several ideas have been reviewed however the principle of an...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
DeepSec 2018 Closing
10 months ago from DeepSec
Closing of DeepSec In-Depth Security 2018 (motto „I like to mov &6974,%bx“).Cast: DeepSec Conference
Manipulating Human Memory For Fun And Profit
10 months ago from DeepSec
Cast: DeepSec Conference
Can Not See The Wood For The Trees - Too Many Security Standards For Automation Industry
10 months ago from DeepSec
Plant operators and manufacturers are currently faced with many challenges in the field of automation. Issues such as digitization, Industry 4.0, legal requirements or complex business processes that connect IT and OT are paramount. Related...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
MITRE ATT&CK: Disk Content Wipe
30 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Classic moves, no matter what the subject matter is, are timeless. Be it the hook shot in basketball, the uppercut in boxing or the pirouette in ballet, these are moves that you remember...Go on to the site to read the full...
Malware Spotlight: Nodersok
30 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction The zombie movie film genre has long been a favorite among horror film fanatics, as shown by the ever-growing number of films that portray an undead apocalypse. Each of these zombie...Go on to the site to read the full...
The User Experience Of Security
2 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction Back in the 1990s, when you mentioned cybersecurity to anyone, a glazed look would come over their face. And fair enough. Security, as a discipline of IT, was a bit dry and boring.  Then...Go on to the site to read the full...
MITRE ATT&CK: Disk Structure Wipe
2 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction  Denying the availability of systems and resources of an attack target is a main objective of many real-world attack campaigns. If you were going to disrupt a target, this denial of...Go on to the site to read the full...
Benefits Of Teaching Employees To Hack
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction You know that look in an employee’s eye when you announce the call to cybersecurity awareness training. They already work in IT or know a lot about computing. They also let you know they...Go on to the site to read the full...
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