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Should We Be Worried About The General Election Being Hacked? | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Should We Be Worried About The General Election Being Hacked?
19th Apr 2017 [11 days ago] from guardian.co.uk
From DDoS attacks to bots to fake news, there are many ways to influence an election. But is the UK really at risk? “Brexit vote site may have been hacked” warned the headlines last week after a Commons select committee published its report into lessons learned from the EU referendum. The public administration and constitutional affairs committee (Pacac) said that the failure of the voter registration website, which suffered an outage as many people tried to sign to vote up at the last minute in 2016, “had indications of being a DDoS ‘attack’”. It said it “does not rule out the possibility that the crash may have been caused … using botnets”. In the same paragraph it mentioned Russia and China. It said it “is deeply concerned about these allegations about foreign interference”. Continue reading...

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