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Islamist Hackers Hijack Victorian Treasurer In Protest Against Syrian Attacks | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Islamist Hackers Hijack Victorian Treasurer In Protest Against Syrian Attacks
11th Jan 2017 [7 months ago] from Softpedia
The official website of Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas was compromised a few hours ago by a Tunisian hacker group in protest against the war in Syria which led to the killing of innocent people.The group, which is known as Tunisian Fallaga Team, hijacked the website and posted a message that read “Stop killing people in Syria,” with two attached hashtags, namely #Op_Russia and #save_aleppo.The attack was launched by “Mr O.Jz and Hetler Tn and Fallag Kill3r,” according to a message posted on the website, and also included photos of videos of Syrian attacks that were published on the index page. Furthermore, hackers also embedded a video posted on YouTube that showed armed men and woman fighting in the war in Syria.The included messages accused United Nations military forces of “deliberately killing” men, women, and children in eastern Aleppo, eventually calling for the war to stop as soon as possible.Several attacks recorded in the last months...

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