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Netflix Users Under Attack As Hackers Try To Steal Credit Card Info | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Netflix Users Under Attack As Hackers Try To Steal Credit Card Info
10th Jan 2017 [4 months ago] from Softpedia
Security company FireEye detected a new wave of attacks aimed at Netflix users, with cybercriminals now turning to phishing schemes in order to steal their personal information, including credit card data, social security numbers, and other details.Although it seems that the attacks have been suspended, Netflix users in the United States should always keep an eye on emails that arrive in their inbox, as hackers are using compromised legitimate servers to create phishing pages that look real.FireEye says that in most cases, the client-side HTML code was obfuscated with AES encryption to evade text-based detection, while the phishing pages were not displayed to users with certain IP addresses if the DNS resolved to companies such as Google.“The phishing kit uses techniques to evade phishing filters. One technique is the use of AES encryption to encode the content presented...

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