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Study Reveals North Korean Cyber-espionage Has Reached New Heights | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Study Reveals North Korean Cyber-espionage Has Reached New Heights
20th Feb 2018 [26 days ago] from guardian.co.uk
Spying unit is widening its operations into aerospace and defence industries, according to US security firm An increasingly sophisticated North Korean cyber-espionage unit is using its skills to widen spying operations to aerospace and defence industries, a new study has revealed.FireEye, a US private security company that tracks cyber-attackers around the world, has identified a North Korean group, which it names APT37 (Reaper), and which it says is using malware to infiltrate computer networks. Related: The Guardian view on cyberwar: an urgent problem | Editorial Related: Has North Korea’s week at the Winter Olympics diminished the nuclear threat? Continue reading...

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