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North Korea’s Deadliest Weapon? Its Hackers | John Naughton | www.SecurityPhresh.com
North Korea’s Deadliest Weapon? Its Hackers | John Naughton
21st Oct 2017 [28 days ago] from guardian.co.uk
As Sony Pictures and the New York Federal Reserve will attest, the regime has become extremely skilled, and successful, at cyber attacksRule No1 in international relations: do not assume that your adversary is nuts. Rule No2: do not underestimate his capacity to inflict serious damage on you. We in the west are currently making both mistakes with regard to North Korea. Our reasons for doing so are, at one level, understandable. In economic terms, the country is a basket case. According to the CIA’s world factbook, its per-capita GDP is $1,800 or less, compared with nearly $40,000 for the UK and $53,000 for the US. Its industrial infrastructure is clapped out and nearly beyond repair; the country suffers from chronic food, energy and electricity shortages and many of its people are malnourished. International sanctions are squeezing it almost to asphyxiation. And, to cap it all, it’s led by a guy whose hairdo is almost as preposterous as DonaldTrump’s.And yet this impoverished basket case has apparently been...

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