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Rise Of The Robocar: Are Connected Cars Safer, Or A Target For Hackers? | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Rise Of The Robocar: Are Connected Cars Safer, Or A Target For Hackers?
13th Aug 2017 [2 months ago] from guardian.co.uk
It’s predicted that 200m connected cars will be on the roads by 2020, but there’s a risk that more technology will lead to more hacking A threshold was quietly crossed in the first quarter of 2016. For the first time, mobile carriers reported activating more connected cars than phones. At a vehicle tech demonstration in Manhattan this month, a group of reporters stood around a custom-made, tablet-screened display console as Darrin Shewchuk, a spokesman for Harman International, explained the impending technological revolution. Related: Tesla seeking to test driver-free electric trucks on public roads People prove time and time again to be absolutely terrible, dangerous drivers Related: Car hacking is the future – and sooner or later youll be hit Continue reading...

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