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Several Australian Firms Face Cyber Attacks Blamed On Russia
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from Topix
On Tuesday, up to 400 Australian companies were reportedly targeted by suspected Russian state-sponsored cyber attacks - a day after intelligence officials in the U.K. warned about possible cyber strikes by Moscow. The U.S., Britain and...
No Coverage For Seafood Importer Netted In Phishing Scam
20th Apr 2018 [25 hours ago] from Topix
On April 16, 2018, Beazley Group issued a report highlighting increased attacks on Microsofts cloud-based business products and services. The report stated that successful attacks typically are achieved by tricking employees into opening...
LinkedIn Vulnerability Allowed User Data Harvesting
19th Apr 2018 [42 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
LinkedIn recently patched a vulnerability that could have been exploited by malicious websites to harvest data from users’ profiles, including private information. read more
Gold Galleon Hackers Target Shipping Industry
19th Apr 2018 [44 hours ago] from Topix
Hackers have been targeting shipping companies in a series of attacks over the past year, according to new research from Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit, presented at the RSA Conference this week. Dell SecureWorks has dubbed the group...
Ransomware, Stolen Data Or Malware: How Do Online Crooks Really Make Their Money?
20th Apr 2018 [35 hours ago] from ZDNet
The cybercrime economy has "now become a kind of mirror image of contemporary capitalism", says paper.
Midwest Farmers Fear Tariff War, While Their Steelworker Neighbors Cheer
19th Apr 2018 [45 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Trump’s trade policies may be helping some steel companies — and steelworkers — but China is threatening to retaliate with tariffs on American agricultural exports. Farmers in this Illinois town are worried about losing their...
Welcome To CNETs Guide To Smart Living In San Francisco - CNET
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from CNET News
Its time. Everyone knows what smart home is. Now well show you how to use it.
Spotify Reveals Songs That Inspire Times 100 Most Influential - CNET
20th Apr 2018 [41 hours ago] from CNET News
The streaming service has a new playlist of songs chosen by 35 of Times 2018 100 Most Influential.
Original 1968 Ford Bullitt Mustang Gets Parked On National Mall In D.C. - Roadshow
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from CNET News
The iconic green fastback will go on display under glass in D.C. to celebrate its induction into the National Historic Vehicle Register.
Senate Confirms James Bridenstine As Next NASA Administrator - CNET
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from CNET News
The confirmation fills the longest vacancy for the top spot in the agencys history.
Oh, Baby! Newborn-care Site Leaves User Database Wide Open
20th Apr 2018 [25 hours ago] from The Register
Health Stream, are you out there? The guy that found your data leak wants a word A US health company apparently exposed contact information for hundreds of medical professionals.…
DOJ Investigates AT&T And Verizon For Collusion Over SIM Cards - CNET
20th Apr 2018 [26 hours ago] from CNET News
US Department of Justice is reportedly looking into whether ATT and Verizon coordinated efforts thwart a tech known as eSIM, which would make switching easier. Apple may have filed the initial complaint.
Trustjacking Exploit Abuses ITunes Feature To Spy On IOS Devices
21st Apr 2018 [9 hours ago] from PacketStormSecurity
Trustjacking Exploit Abuses iTunes Feature To Spy On iOS Devices
SpaceX Will Build Mars Rockets On An Island Full Of History - CNET
20th Apr 2018 [26 hours ago] from CNET News
Elon Musks planned BFR Mars rocket finds a home in Los Angeles. Its oddly fitting for what could be a very historic spacecraft.
4 Things To Consider Before Making Your Home Smart - CNET
20th Apr 2018 [25 hours ago] from CNET News
The smart home dream is more attainable than ever. But there are some things you should know before diving in.
Photo-sharing Pioneer Flickr Has A New Owner: SmugMug - CNET
20th Apr 2018 [26 hours ago] from CNET News
Rest easy, SmugMug reassures Flickr users as it buys the erstwhile rival from Verizon sells off the photo-sharing site 10 months after taking it over through its Yahoo acquisition.
'Smallville' Actress Allison Mack Is Charged With Sex Trafficking
20th Apr 2018 [19 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Actress Allison Mack was charged with sex trafficking on Friday in connection
Ex-sanctions Czar Bashes Obama Administration's 'weak' Response To Russian Interference
20th Apr 2018 [22 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Dan Fried, the former State Department diplomat who oversaw sanctions policy, told the Skullduggery podcast that he was “extremely” frustrated when the Obama administration issued “weak” and “frankly inadequate” sanctions against...
Bose Headphone Deal: SoundTrue Ultra For $60 At Best Buy - CNET
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from CNET News
Boses highly rated SoundTrue Ultra in-ear wired headphones are on sale for better than half off at Best Buy.
Justice Department Releases Comey Memos To Congress
19th Apr 2018 [44 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The Department of Justice has shared copies of the so-called Comey memos with
Apple Unveils Daisy IPhone Recycling Robot For Earth Day - CNET
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from CNET News
Daisy is part of a broader set of environmental programs from Apple, including a donation to a nonprofit for every used device traded in through the end of April.
This Malware Targets Facebook Log-in Details, Infects Over 45,000 In Just Days
19th Apr 2018 [2 days ago] from ZDNet
StressPaint malware is "developed professionally" and could be be harvesting accounts for anything from credential selling and identity theft, to malvertising and propaganda campaigns, warn researchers.
The FDA Is Finally Doing Something About The Medical Device Security Dumpster-fire
20th Apr 2018 [20 hours ago] from Topix
The FDA is finally taking action to improve it, as detailed in its newly released Medical Device Safety Action Plan . Theyre proposing the formation of a new public-private partnership called the CyberMed Safety Analysis Board that will...
RSA Conference Has A Leaky App… Again!
20th Apr 2018 [35 hours ago] from Naked Security
Cybersecurity conferences dont always practise what they preach.
This Homemade Westworld Robot Will Give You Nightmares - CNET
19th Apr 2018 [42 hours ago] from CNET News
Robot maker Simone Giertz builds her own robotic likeness that can talk, move and creep everyone out in honor of season 2 of HBOs sci-fi hit, Westworld.