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Inside The British Military Base Where Young Hackers Learn To Stop Cybercrime
18th Aug 2018 [34 hours ago] from Guardian
As part of the Cyber Security Challenge UK, law enforcement agencies are putting ‘cyberdefenders’ through their pacesAt the heart of a police operation to defend Britain from attack by cybercriminals, a 14-year-old boy was honing his...
German Prosecutors Probe Yazidi Womans Claim About IS Man
18th Aug 2018 [34 hours ago] from Yahoo News
BERLIN (AP) — German prosecutors said Saturday they are taking seriously a Yazidi refugees claim that she ran into her former Islamic State captor twice in Germany, but say they need more information to identify him.
Second Cardinal Withdraws From Ireland Congress Amid Abuse Scandals
18th Aug 2018 [36 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The meeting, a major congress held every three years, will be closed by Pope Francis during the first papal visit in almost 40 years to Ireland where a series of abuse scandals has also rocked the churchs standing in the once staunchly...
Venezuelan Migrants Dreams Of New Life Dashed By Ecuador Passport Rule
18th Aug 2018 [37 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The 50-year-old mechanic fled Venezuela three days ago. Traveling by bus with his fiance Yenny to the border town of Ipiales in southwest Colombia, Malavolta said he heard on the final leg of the trip that their plan had been ruined. ...
Australian Teenager Hacked Apples Network Multiple Times, Accessed 90GB Worth Of Files
18th Aug 2018 [38 hours ago] from Topix
Court documents reveal that a 16-year-old hacker from Australia allegedly broke into tech giant Apples computer systems and may have downloaded internal files. The Age newspaper reports that the teenagers actions were driven by an admiration...
Kansas Postal Worker Finds Giant Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Mailbox
18th Aug 2018 [39 hours ago] from Yahoo News
No letters for these folks today!
Report: White House Counsel Is Cooperating Extensively In Russia Probe
18th Aug 2018 [40 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Don McGahn, the White House counsel, has been cooperating extensively with
Venezuelans Flee Economic Crisis At Home
18th Aug 2018 [40 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The Pentagon is preparing to dispatch a hospital ship to Colombia and possibly other parts of South America to help relieve strain on health care systems overloaded by an influx of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans. An estimated 2.3...
See The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 500M Limited Edition - CNET
18th Aug 2018 [41 hours ago] from CNET News
Its translucent, its got a 2TB hard drive and its a limited edition run of 50,000 consoles.
How To Protect Your Personal Brands Website From A Cyber Attack
18th Aug 2018 [42 hours ago] from Topix
Your personal brands website is your calling card to attract loyal followers, and an unexpected cyber attack can cost you both time and money. What types of activity are you currently monitoring from the back end? With the right tools and...
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