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Cybershoes Let You Physically Run Through Virtual Reality From The Comfort Of Your Chair
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from PCWorld
Remember when those gigantic VR treadmills were all the rage a few years back? Cybershoes are like kind of like that, but without the treadmill.Cybershoes straps ski-like sleds onto your feet, with rollers on the bottom that track where...
Former FBI Boss Comey Used Private Email For Official Business – DoJ
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from The Register
I did not have an unclassified FBI connection at home that worked Former FBI director James Comey was using Gmail for FBI business while overseeing the controversial probe into Hillary Clintons use of a private email server during her tenure...
Rudy Giuliani Says Mueller Probe Must Be Suspended 'Tomorrow' After DOJ Report
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Rudy Giuliani on Thursday demanded that special counsel Robert Mueller end his
Why Net Neutrality Supporters Are Cringing At The AT&T-Time Warner Merger - CNET
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from CNET News
Oh, maybe because they think it could destroy the internet?
Apple 2018 IPhones: Cheaper LCD-based Models To Outsell OLED Flagships - CNET
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from CNET News
A report says two OLED-based iPhones are expected this year, but the lone, less-expensive LCD will win more buyers.
3 Wireless Speaker Deals You Shouldnt Miss - CNET
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from CNET News
This ones a tube, this ones a cube, and this ones a... fan? Seriously, check them out. All unusual, all exclusive deals!
US Tariffs On China Wont Affect Your Phones Or TVs - CNET
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from CNET News
The Trump administration announces 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.
Its A Great Day To Upgrade Your Monitor For Cheap
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from PCWorld
Your monitor is the window to your entire computing experience. More premium displays usually cost a pretty penny, but today’s a great day to upgrade your monitor on the cheap. Newegg’s gone wild with a “Coupon Frenzy” sale, and...
This 12-outlet, Three-USB Port Anker Power Strip Is Down To Its Lowest Price Ever
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from PCWorld
These days, it can seem like there are never enough outlets for everything we need to plug in. One easy way to solve this problem? A power strip. And right now, you can get Ankers loaded PowerPort power strip for $28, the lowest weve seen...
Stephen Hawkings Voice Beamed Into Space As His Ashes Are Interred - CNET
15th Jun 2018 [3 days ago] from CNET News
The physicists final resting place is between Darwin and Newton.
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