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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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How To Use, Modify, And Create Templates In Word
23rd May 2018 [7 hours ago] from PCWorld
In Microsoft Word, templates are pre-designed documents that you or someone else (such as Microsoft) creates to use as a pattern for a project. The template could be for a business card, brochure, resume, presentation...the list goes on. Regardless...
Naim Audio Uniti Atom Review: This Is A Magnificent Music Streamer
23rd May 2018 [8 hours ago] from PCWorld
Exquisite design plus impeccable craftsmanship equal sonic bliss.
HTC U12+ Hands-on: No Notch, Smarter Edges, And Real Selfie Portraits
23rd May 2018 [8 hours ago] from PCWorld
The screen on the HTC U12+ doesn’t have a notch.Whether that’s a conscious decision or the result of a design team decimated by Google’s billion-plus purchase of the company’s smartphone division is up for debate, but the fact of...
No, Asus Didnt Cancel Radeon-exclusive Arez GPUs—that Twitter Account Is A Fake
22nd May 2018 [27 hours ago] from PCWorld
On Monday, a slew of websites published news stories about the death of the Radeon-exclusive Arez GPU brand, which the @Asus_Arez Twitter account heralded in the wake of Nvidia ending the GeForce Partner Program. One problem: That account...
What You Need To Know About Speculative Store Bypass, The Spectre-like Variant 4 CPU Flaw
22nd May 2018 [27 hours ago] from PCWorld
The ghosts of the Meltdown and Spectre will haunt the computing industry for years to come. But now that the initial patching efforts for those CPU flaws are drawing to an end, Google and Microsoft have disclosed a related “speculative...
The Samsung T5, Our Favorite Portable SSD Drive, Just Hit Its Lowest Price Ever
22nd May 2018 [27 hours ago] from PCWorld
For portable external storage, you can’t get much better than Samsung’s T5 portable SSD—and thats why its our favorite external performance drive. Because of its killer speed and convenient size, this drive is usually a bit of an...
Dell And HP Have Deep Memorial Day Discounts On Gaming Rigs, PCs, And 4K TVs
22nd May 2018 [28 hours ago] from PCWorld
Memorial Day is almost here, and tech retailers are gearing up with sales before the unofficial summer kick-off arrives. If you’re looking for a new laptop, gaming rig, or maybe a 4K TV, both Dell and HP are offering big sales with...
How The Un-premium OnePlus 6 Could Shake Up The Entire Android Landscape
22nd May 2018 [28 hours ago] from PCWorld
The OnePlus 6 doesn’t have wireless charging. That’s about the only knock against it I can come up with after spending a day with it. Snapdragon 845? Check. 18:9 OLED screen? Check. Dual camera? Check. Headphone jack? Check.OnePlus...
NZXT H500i Review: A $100 Case Loaded With Premium Features
22nd May 2018 [29 hours ago] from PCWorld
NZXT’s highly regarded H700i and H400i cases shook up the status quo when they debuted in late 2017 by blending the crisp, unpretentious look of the company’s popular S340 and S340 Elite with an integrated Smart Device that taps the...
Canary Is Putting Security Cameras In The Hands Of Those Who Help Keep Us Secure
22nd May 2018 [31 hours ago] from PCWorld
The company will donate its All-In-One home monitoring camera to first responders and emergency services departments you nominate.
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