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Security News from 'Topix'
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City Of Winder Hit By Cyber-attack
22nd May 2018 [12 hours ago] from Topix
The City of Winder has been hit by a cyber-attack that is impacting the citys computer and email servers. The point of entry was unknown and the U.S. Secret Service was still investigating the source of the virus Tuesday night.
Helpful Ways To Keep Your Passwords Safe, Secure
22nd May 2018 [17 hours ago] from Topix
But a lot of people dont want to deal with the hassle of remembering passwords that are too complicated. Now there are some ways to help! A report from Splash Data last year found the two most popular passwords were "password" and...
Cyber Attack Jamia Millia Islamias Official Website Hacked, Reads Happy Birthday Pooja
22nd May 2018 [21 hours ago] from Topix
New Delhi, May 22: The official website of Jamia Millia Islamia University was hacked late midnight on Tuesday . When students of Jamias mass communication course reportedly accessed the website at around 12:30am, the website , a birthday...
Hacker Threatened To Ruin Claremore Teen Unless She Sent Nude Photos
22nd May 2018 [26 hours ago] from Topix
A hacking victim said someone going by the name "Territory" took control of her email and social media accounts then demanded nude photos from her. Megan, a 19-year-old college student, has several accounts on various social media - email,...
Hacking Into Nigerian Banks Very Easy, Says Medical Doctor Turned Cyber Criminal
21st May 2018 [36 hours ago] from Topix
Michael, who boasted of his escapades as a hacker, took a swipe at the Nigerian banking system, describing it as the easiest to hack, including government-owned account. The 28-year-old suspect mentioned an American leading Hollywood actor,...
Sick Of Passwords? Heres How Blockchain Can Help, And Enhance...
21st May 2018 [36 hours ago] from Topix
Registration will allow you to post comments on ctpost.com and create a ctpost.com Subscriber Portal account for you to manage subscriptions and email preferences. Financial institutions, credit agencies, major corporations and small businesses...
Trial Exposes Links Between Cybercriminals And The Russian Government
21st May 2018 [40 hours ago] from Topix
The agents from the Federal Security Service, or FSB, told him the U.S. government was seeking information on him, Martisevs testified in court last week. But he said the Russians did not want to hand him over - they wanted his help.
Gregg Schaefer Is The Vice President Of Sales For Vaaler Insurance. Nick Nelson / Forum News Service
21st May 2018 [45 hours ago] from Topix
The 1871 fire destroyed some 3A1 2 square miles of the city and bankrupted 68 of Chicagos 200 fire insurance companies. But the city and the insurance industry not only recovered, they did so while pioneering dramatic improvements in fire...
DNS Hijacking: What It Is, And How To Prevent It
21st May 2018 [47 hours ago] from Topix
Domain Name Service hijacking can take over where users go, turning safe and familiar web addresses like amazon.com into malicious attacks. DNS hijacking: What it is, and how to prevent it Domain Name Service hijacking can take over where...
Experts Warn Of Inappropriate Videos Disguised To Target Your Children, Hackers Accessing Webcams
21st May 2018 [47 hours ago] from Topix
Technology can be a great tool for your kids, but it can also be dangerous. Inappropriate videos disguised to target your children have been popping-up online over the past several months via YouTube.
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